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The My Club menu using the simple skin, Youth Academy included

My Club is the second of seven top menu categories. Its submenus give the manager access to everything related directly to his team. Some items are only available if the club has a Youth Academy.

Only the first item of the last submenu is visible if a manager doesn't have a youth academy.

Also, when looking at another team, not all items are visible. The first submenu then only shows Overview, Manager and Arena, the second shows Players, Matches and Series. The third one isn't visible at all, if the team doesn't have a youth academy. Overwiew, Players, Matches and Series can be seen if there is one.

Being a Hattrick Supporter doesn't change the appearance of the submenus, although it does add certain features on various pages.


Atlético Dorense

O Atlético Dorense é um clube da cidade de N.S.das Dores interior de sergipe.

Seu estádio e o Adir Abutibul que tem capacidade para 31.800 torcedores.

Seu maior rival e o A.E.Flamengo

Senior Team

Youth Team

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