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'''My Hattrick''' is the very first menu item. Upon clicking this, all recent hattrick announcements will appear, which involve news items such as user milestones (e.g. 700,000 users milestone reached), recent problems whilst processing games, new features available to users, and changes to how the game engine functions.
#REDIRECT [[My_Hattrick (Menu)]]
In the 'Your team' box you will find information about [[Challenges]], if you were outbid on a player on the [[Transfers|transfer market]], if somebody supports your team.
Sub-menu items within My Hattrick are as follows:
=== Preferences ===
This is where all user account settings, [[Security_code|security codes]] and passwords, preferred language, and visual appearance settings can be amended.
[[Security_code|Security codes]] are alternate passwords that are used to access external [[Helper_Applications|helper applications]] and are different to your main login password. These allow these [[Helper_Applications|helper programs]] to access your team data in a read-only format so that nothing bad can be done to your team that can be attributed to the external developer.
=== Polls ===
Occasionally the Hattrick team may want user feedback - polls targeted at you will appear here from time to time.
(Note: You don't have to have a look at the [[Polls]] section every time you log on. If there is a new poll available, you'll get a small notice on My Hattrick).
=== Editorials ===
This is where you can read [[editorials]] about Hattrick written by the HT-staff.
=== Supporter ===
This page allows existing [[supporter|supporters]] to see when their membership expires, and also includes links to the hattrick shop in order to buy supporter membership. More information about details of the hattrick supporter package is also available from links contained on this page.
=== Manager License ===
This is where you can complete the [[Hattrick Manager License Challenge]].

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