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NARD Bangalter.jpg
Managed by Bangalter
Club information
LocationBogotá Colombia
ArenaSmachest Park (capacity: 42,000)
CoachFrance Mounir Rebai
Fan ClubLes Bangaltins
Founded29 December 2006

NARD Bangalter was a Colombian Hattrick club, based in Bogotá and founded on late 2006 as its manager Bangalter got to better know the webpage of the game and the rest of related contents. The team overcame three different phases due to alleged cheating episodes, disrupting the first processes until finally getting a spot in august 2007 with some players from the starting clump that kept going until nowadays. Initially known as Racing Club NARD Bangalter, "les bangaltins" performed their very first match on December 31st 2006, losing (2:1) to Rompevallas FC, as it could not have been otherwise. Later on the team went on to win promotions as they clinched titles at each group they landed without ever returning to lower divisions, winning on seventh, sixth (4 back-to-back titles), fifth and fourth, on the way to the third division where they decided to halt for good their activities, culminating a relatively successful tenure throughout the last five years on the game, with no relegations to date.

Classic Rivalries

Epilef FC and Sacevedo fc held vivid rivalries with NARD Bangalter, based on their familiar and glaring competition among them as they all founded their teams on near dates in 2007. These clubs ended up withdrawing during the last couple of seasons. The matches were usually played at the end of the season for level measuring purposes, which implied for each of them to field their best players, making possible to track down any weaknesses and further improvements to be made for the next season. At the beginning, the derby with Epilef was also regarded as clásico de troncos (the dreadful's derby) due to the pathetic level of each manager back then.

Strip Colors and Kit Manufacturers

For the first seasons, purple and white were to be the colours of the team as they were part of the first designs provided by the manager's brand Polysport. The black stripes later showed up and were included on the 2008 Adidas template, certainly improving the quality looks on the uniforms. The colours were chosen as a sort of tribute to one of the favorite cartoon teams of the manager, like Hanawa (Colegio Anglosajón) where Tachibana brothers (hermanos Korioto) used to play with in one of the first episodes of Captain Tsubasa (Supercampeones). Between 2008 and 2011, all main logo colours were used, however the black stripes were removed once the partnership with adidas ended at late 2011. In the meantime, Nike became the last kit provider, which resulted on a refreshing coming back for an all-purple coloured home jersey and some innovating features on the away kits.

Kit Manufacturer Sponsors Templates
Polysport Parmalat 2007
Adidas-AG Parmalat 2008 2008 NARD Bangalter.jpg
Adidas-AG Alain Afflelou, ETB Bogotá, Parmalat 2009 2009 NARD Bangalter.jpg2009 NARD Bangalter 2.jpg
Adidas-AG Delivery, ETB Bogotá, Alain Afflelou 2010 home kit 2010 NARD Bangalter.jpg 2010 NARD Bangalter 2.jpg
Adidas-AG Inkanta, Alain Afflelou 2011 home kit Nard bangalter 2011 set.jpg
Nike Inkanta, Alain Afflelou 2012 home/away kit ANARD Bangalter 12'.jpg

Historical Top Scorers

As of March 20.2011*

Player Goals
France Mounir Rebai 181
France Jose Briand 107
France Mathieu Lacombe 87
Colombia Alfredo Farfán 84
Colombia Libardo Acevedo 77
France Christian Charpentier 60
Colombia Dario Clemente Pueyrredón 54
Switzerland Hansruedi Strauss 43
Lithuania Tasaras Kecoris 42
France Yoël Prévot 41

Head Coaches and Achievements.


Leagues Won: (7) VII.852 (season 22), VI.567 (season 23, 24, 25, 26), V.188 (season 29), IV.63 (season 33)

Copa Bestiario 2007: 5th Place, whereas second NARD Bangalter's phase on hattrick took place, along with memorable players like Alfredo Maldonado, formidable italian Patrick Sacchi and Rigoberto Bahamón.

Colombia Ferney Cifuentes (2007)

Trainer during season 21, when named RC Paikids, finished 7th with 11 points. Few matches coached and inmediatly replaced by incoming swedish trainer Thomas Fjestål.

Sweden Thomas Fjestål (2007-2009)

Trainer from season 22 to season 26, clinched titles at VII.852 and VI.567 four times. Sacked by the club due to poor performances in early league rounds during season 27 in V.188.

Copa Bestiario 2008: 3rd Place

Copa Bestiario 2009: Quarter Finals

Eliminated on the 5th round in Copa Colombia during season 27

Spain Francisco Javier Del Bosco (2009-2010)

Trainer from season 27 until mid-season 31. Obtained championship on V.188 and a third place in IV.63

Copa Radiobizconti 2009: Runner up

Turkey Isa Karaer (2010-2011)

Attained 5th place for the remainder of the season 31, 3rd place on season 32, clinched championship on season 33 in IV.63 and finished third on season 34 in III.14, sacked on the mid-season 35 for having low performances

Eliminated on the 7th round in Copa Colombia (best result ever) on season 34.

NARD Bangalter was placed 85th overall within Hattrick Colombia, highest rank ever.

France Mounir Rebai (2011-Incumbent)

The French-Maghrebi striker become the last coach for the club, taking over the purple bench on December 2011 just when the team was placed last with five points pitifully obtained, with the challenge ahead to keep NARD Bangalter making part of Hattrick Colombia's third tier, task which he successfully achieved as a coach and subsequently participating as a player. The incoming coach managed to take the team off relegation places (from 8 matches he registred a 3-3-2 W-D-L record) grabbing the 6th place just at the last round of the series, granting them the right for a promotion spot and taking on a tightly hectic promotion match which was held at the Smachest Park that resulted on a victory for the bangaltin side. It also happened to feature an unprecedented casuality of having Mounir Rebai scoring the fourth goal, which gave then the lead to NARD Bangalter on a match that ended (5:3), which resulted to be the last one.

Current Squad

As of December 14.2011*

No. Position Player
1 Switzerland GK Godot Götz
2 Netherlands DF Ties Laman
3 Poland DF Michał Kular
4 Colombia DF Marcos Valdelomar
6 Sweden MF Martin Wikbeck
7 Colombia MF Alfredo Farfán
8 France MF Mathieu Lacombe
9 France FW Mounir Rebai (DT)
10 France MF Christian Charpentier
11 Lithuania FW Tasaras Kecoris
14 England MF Harvey Starsmore
15 Colombia MF Raul Alba
16 Spain FW Sergio Sáez Oliván
18 Colombia MF Ricardo Botero
No. Position Player
5 Denmark DF Søren Barslev
12 France DF Emmanuel Leclercq
13 Colombia MF Victor Julio Castro
17 Colombia DF Carlos Alberto Orjuela
19 Colombia MF Juan Ernesto Vizcaíno
20 Colombia FW José Alfredo Daza
21 Colombia DF Tomás Higuaín
22 France MF Sébastien Le Moign
23 Colombia GK Marco Aurelio Fernández
25 Colombia DF Edilberto Naizaque
26 Colombia MF Mario Roldan
33 France FW Frédéric Magnet