NFA U-20 World Cup

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The NFA U-20 World Cup

The NFA U-20 World Cup is an international football tournament for national teams that are not — and usually may not become — members of Hattrick, usually because the participating nations do not have internationally recognised sovereign state status. It's organised by the NFA, an umbrella association for Non-HT nations, planned to be held every season.


In Season 20 the first NFA U20 Hattrick World Cup started. The tournement was hosted in the Netherlands. The final was played between Savoie U-20 and Afghanistan U-20 at 7 February 2007 in the "Triple Tremelo" stadium in Zuid-Holland. Savoie won the first edition.


Edition Winner Score Runner-up
1st Edition 120px-Flag of Savoie.gif Savoie U-20 (?) 6 - 0 120px-Flag of Afghanistan.png Afghanistan U-20
2nd Edition not played yet (?) ? - ? not played yet


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