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  • P1 green-new.gif Series Champions III.6 Bosna i Hercegovina Season 6 (15.01.2005)
  • P1 green-new.gif Series Champions III.6 Bosna i Hercegovina Season 7 (07.05.2005)
  • P3 blue.gif Series Champions II.4 Bosna i Hercegovina Season 12(18.11.2006)

Club Records

Record Rating Match
Midfield mythical (high) 100614388
Right Defence excellent (high) 72090894
Central Defence outstanding (very low) 85049129
Left Defence formidable (very low) 82376432
Right Attack supernatural (high) 100614374
Central Attack brilliant (very high) 100614388
Left Attack supernatural (high) 100614384
Hatstats 342 100614388
Stars 67 85049129


Club has some extra activities. NK Gradjanski is member of Flag Chasers Community and is participating in Flag chasing. Also club is collecting Achievements and is currently listed in Top10 clubs with most Achievements points in Hattrick.

Flag chasing

Visited countried (58):

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Template:Flag/BRAn Template:Flag/BULn Template:Flag/CANn Template:Flag/CZEn Template:Flag/CHIn
Template:Flag/CHNn Template:Flag/COLn Template:Flag/WALn Template:Flag/CYPn Template:Flag/DENn
Template:Flag/GERn Template:Flag/ESTn Template:Flag/ENGn Template:Flag/ESPn Template:Flag/FROn
Template:Flag/FRAn Template:Flag/GREn Template:Flag/CROn Template:Flag/INDn Template:Flag/IDNn
Template:Flag/ISRn Template:Flag/ITAn Template:Flag/LVAn Template:Flag/LIEn Template:Flag/LTUn
Template:Flag/HUNn Template:Flag/MASn Template:Flag/MLTn Template:Flag/MEXn Template:Flag/NEDn
Template:Flag/JPNn Template:Flag/NORn Template:Flag/OCEn Template:Flag/AUTn Template:Flag/PANn
Template:Flag/PERn Template:Flag/POLn Template:Flag/PORn Template:Flag/THAn Template:Flag/ROUn
Template:Flag/RUSn Template:Flag/SUIn Template:Flag/SCOn Template:Flag/SVNn Template:Flag/SVKn
Template:Flag/SERn Template:Flag/FINn Template:Flag/SWEn Template:Flag/TURn Template:Flag/OMAn
Template:Flag/URUn Template:Flag/USAn Template:Flag/VENn


Achievements have been introduced on 27.11.2006 in Hattrick. Ever since, NK Gradjanski has been trying to score more Achievements points and is currently ranked #2 in Top10 list. Here are some rare Achievements that NK Gradjanski has:

  • 11.12.2006. Team was ranked 1
  • 17.01.2007. Advanced from round 7 in the Cup
  • 20.02.2007. Home-grown lineup
  • 07.03.2007. Veteran lineup
  • 11.01.2007. Elected coach of national team

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