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* [http://www.ht-arena.com/afghanistan_u20/ Afghanistan U-20 official website]
* [http://www.ht-arena.com/afghanistan_u20/ Afghanistan U-20 official website]
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[[Category:Non-HT U20 Teams|Afghanistan]]

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Afghanistan U-20 (366878)
Flag of Afghanistan U-20 Coat of Arms of Afghanistan U-20
Location of Afghanistan U-20
Link to Google map
Link to U-20 Wikipedia
Zone: Central Asia
Continent: Asia
Official Language: Pashto and Persian
Number of regions: 34
Currency Afghani (AFN)
1 € = 55,4467 AFN
Time zone Hattrick Time+4:30

The Afghanistan national under-20 football team is the national under-20 football team of Afghanistan. Afghanistan U-20 is not recognized by Hattrick and does not participate in international tournaments. The Afghanistan under-20 team is owned by Gertjan200, and currently playing in the Dutch VII.


  • Champion of division VII.951 in season 17

Past Coaches

These users have coached this team.

Famous past players

  • Jussi Hentinen
  • Arve Ebbesen

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