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| 1. Air Wavers    || Airwave || 97283389 || 08.11.2006 || 527  
| 1. Air Wavers    || Airwave || {{matchid|97283389}} || 08.11.2006 || 527  
| 2. Hercules Calisante     || 522
| 2. Hercules Calisante     || 522

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NT U-20 Netherlands

NT U-21 Netherlands

NT Netherlands

Hattrick Country
Flag of Netherlands
Coat of Arms of Netherlands
Location of Netherlands (link to Google map)
Wikipedia page
100 € = 100 US$
Time zone Hattrick Time
Continent: [[Europe]]
Netherlands HT Country
[[Western Europe]]
Number of regions: 17
Current local season: 42
Number of teams:
(~ active)
(active 20000)
Level of series: 8
Top series name: Eredivisie
National cups: KNVB Beker (main)
Nederland Emerald Cup (challenger)
Nederland Ruby Cup (challenger)
Nederland Sapphire Cup (challenger)
Nederland Consolation Cup (third tier)

Nederland (engl. The Netherlands) is a part of Europe. The country is formed by the Netherlands, the Netherlands Antilles, and Aruba.

Geography.png The Netherlands are often referred to by the name Holland. This is not terminologically precise, since the provinces of North and South Holland in the western Netherlands are only two of the country's twelve provinces.

The Netherlands are a constitutional monarchy, located in northwestern Europe. They are bordered by the North Sea to the north and west, Belgium to the south, and Germany to the east. The current borders were established in 1839.


Nederland is one of the older countries, and also one of the biggest. It was the first country to have more divisions than Sverige.

International Trophies

National Trophies


League champions

Cup champions

41 Vlampijpse Boys Legion_BP Dinges FC rw_26,
40 FC Xelcius -Exia- Akris Nijmegen Thomas2004
39 FC De Laatste Minuut JantjeAmsterdam de Amiezz ErikDB
38 FC De Laatste Minuut JantjeAmsterdam De Snelle Jelles Coolharry
37 Thunder's Tigers thunder De Rodenburcht robbierodie
36 Thunder's Tigers thunder De Rodenburcht robbierodie
35 Alteveer context Urfaspor FC King07
34 Babylon FC fangioforce Dinges FC rw_26
33 Alteveer context De Pupskes Pupske
32 Door Oefening Sterk Magnus_Maior_Maximus Hercules Calisante Nilsinho
31 Alteveer context Hercules Calisante Nilsinho
30 Onetouchables bvo wicher Suppersoccer Utd ___Paul___
29 Hercules Calisante Nilsinho Hercules Calisante Nilsinho
28 Fc snottebel sterk_staaltje L.A.C. schrijvers
27 Akris Nijmegen Thomas2004 Wodka United Tempelman
26 Fc snottebel sterk_staaltje PSVzuipsite.nl PastoZjonnie
25 Akris Nijmegen Thomas2004 PSVzuipsite.nl PastoZjonnie
24 Akris Nijmegen Thomas2004 Brittle Balance Boris_B
23 Martinlaakson Mutantit Moppersmurf Suden Uni evilrolv
22 Ruckers Utd. JCLiquido Mokkels United mokkel
21 FightClub TylerDurden Rapid Vitesse Daan14
20 FightClub TylerDurden Hots Knots Begonia Begonia
19 Ruckers Utd. JCLiquido Air Wavers[1] Airwave
18 FightClub TylerDurden Ruckers Utd. JCLiquido
17 FightClub TylerDurden FightClub TylerDurden
16 Milsbeek Ronnie_Rutten Milsbeek Ronnie_Rutten
15 Eibergse Boys[2] Thijs FightClub TylerDurden
14 Eibergse Boys Thijs Mighty Murmels RoTARR
13 Spaarnestad barry_vb Real Raateland Raateland
12 Pielewiepers Xanathorn N.V.F. Thijs
11 Midgard Asgard Graxies United Graxon
10 Korreweg Sport Rietema N.V.F. Thijs
9 Mighty Murmels RoTARR Pielewiepers Xanathorn
8 Stiphout Vooruit Frankie Real Raateland Raateland
7 Stiphout Vooruit Frankie Stiphout Vooruit Frankie
6 Stiphout Vooruit Frankie Mighty Murmels RoTARR
5 Stiphout Vooruit Frankie Fust Athletic Fustman
4 Stiphout Vooruit Frankie Stiphout Vooruit Frankie
3 Stiphout Vooruit Frankie Stiphout Vooruit Frankie
2 Emmen Athletic BOT Utrecht BOT
1 Amsterdam BOT Unknown BOT

The Double

List of winners of both Eredivisie and KNVB Beker in the same season (i.e. the double means to win the Country's top tier division and its primary cup competition in the same season).

Team Name Victories Season(s)
Stiphout Vooruit 3 3, 4, 7
Milsbeek 1 26
FightClub 1 27
Hercules Calisante 1 29

National Teams

Senior National Team

   Find similar.png   Main article: Nederland national team

U-20 National Team

   Find similar.png   Main article: Nederland U-20 national team

Dutch staff

Former staff:


  1. ^  Changed name from N.V.F. to Eibergse Boys.
  2. ^  Changed name from Air Wavers to Artis after the cup win.

Highest Hatstats

Team Name Manager Matchid Datum Hatstats
1. Air Wavers Airwave (97283389) 08.11.2006 527
2. Hercules Calisante 522
3. Fc Kunie 520 Kunie Overijssel 420625593 24.02.2013
4. Fc van Zwol 516
5. De Rodenburcht 512
6. Koren 510
7. FC De Laatste Minuut 509
8. Babylon FC 506
9. lord mcsweggan 506
10. Martinlaakson Mutantit 505

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Netherlands Regions of Nederland

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Western Europe

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