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de Nederlandstalige Tolkien Federatie (NTF)
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Lord of the Rings kroegen[edit]

Op het forum van de NTF is er altijd één kroeg aanwezig, hierin kunnen de leden spammen wat ze willen en gewoon gezellig alle dingen van het leven bespreken. Dit zijn de kroegen die je bij ons tegen kunt komen: (achter de kroeg staat tussen haakjes hoevaak we hem al hebben gehad bij de NTF)

Bridge Inn (0x)
Inn near the Brandywine Bridge. The Bridge Inn was on the west side of the Brandywine River. It was likely used by travellers on the Great East Road. When the Shire was occupied by Men during the War of the Ring, the Bridge Inn was torn down and replaced with a guard house and gates were erected on the bridge.

The Floating Log (1x)
Inn at Frogmorton. The Floating Log was a good inn situated on the Great East Road. During the War of the Ring, the inn was closed. Frodo Baggins and his companions intended to stay at the inn when they came to Frogmorton on their way home on November 1, 3019, but they were arrested and taken to the Shirriff-house instead.

Forsaken Inn (0x)
Inn on the Great East Road. The Forsaken Inn was located a day's journey east of Bree. The road had not been measured accurately beyond that point.

The Golden Perch (1x)
Inn in the village of Stock that served the finest beer in the Eastfarthing, according to Pippin Took. He was hoping to stop at the Golden Perch on the way to Crickhollow, but Frodo replied, "'Short cuts make delays, but inns make longer ones."
According to Tolkien, the Golden Perch may have been popular with anglers, or fishermen, since a perch is a type of fish.

Green Dragon (7x)
Inn at Bywater. The Green Dragon was the last building on the side of Bywater nearest to Hobbiton. Hobbits from Bywater, Hobbiton, and the surrounding area came to the Green Dragon for pints of beer and gossip. On April 27, 2941, at the beginning of the quest to the Lonely Mountain, Thorin and Company went ahead to the Green Dragon to make preparations and await Bilbo Baggins.

The Ivy Bush (0x)
Inn on the Bywater Road in the Shire. The Ivy Bush was a small inn that was frequented by residents of Bywater and Hobbiton as well as visitors from other parts of the Shire. In September of 3001, Gaffer Gamgee, the gardener at Bag End, had an interested audience at the inn for his stories about Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, who were about to throw a magnificent joint birthday party.

Old Guesthouse (0x)
Lodgings in Minas Tirith. The Old Guesthouse was located in Lampwrights' Street in the first circle of the City. It was a large building of grey weathered stone. The main part of the house was set back from the street. It had many windows and a porch with pillars. A flight of steps led down from the porch to a green lawn in front of the house. Two wings extended from the main house toward the street on either side of the lawn.
The Old Guesthouse was most likely used as lodgings by visitors to Minas Tirith. After most of the women and children were evacuated from the City during the War of the Ring, the boys who remained stayed in the Old Guesthouse.

The Prancing Pony (3x)
Inn at Bree. The Prancing Pony was a meeting place for both Bree-folk and travelers on the Great East Road and the Greenway. The inn was a place to hear news of the outside worlds and was frequented by Men, Hobbits, Dwarves, and the occasional Wizard. The art of smoking pipe-weed was said to have begun in Bree and from the Prancing Pony it spread among the races of Middle-earth. The inn was also noted for its fine beer.