Nefausto F.C.

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Biancoverdi - Lupi - Irpini
Green - White
Club signs
Area: Campania
Country:  Italia  Irpinia (Country)
Confederation: Hattrick
Division: IX.440
Foundation: 31-12-2014
President: Italy Irpinia (Country) KenzoNefausto
Tutta sostanza Arena
Youth stadium
Botte piccola

Club history

Nefausto F.C. (723816) was an Italian team from Campania. It was founded by KenzoNefausto (13049737) on 18 December 2014.


1st team

The home ground of Nefausto F.C. was Tutta sostanza Arena. The stadium capacity was 12.950, all seated.

Youth stadium

The stadium of Liquor, the yout team, was Botte piccola. The stadium capacity was 300.