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The New York region of Hattrick (in yellow)

New York is a region in the United States which comprises the area in the State of New York outside of the New York City metropolitan area (which is covered by the New York City region). The area is better known as Upstate New York. It is currently the seventh most populous region of the US in the game.

The leading federation for Upstate players is the Gathering of the Adirondacks League (GOAL) (alliance id: 12427) who holds the annual Upstate Cup.

Top Ten New York Teams

  • 1. RH Crew Major League
  • 2. Team Spork II.3
  • 3. Old Town Tavern III.15
  • 4. Sweden Heights III.1
  • 5. Ryber IK III.9
  • 6. Plattsburgh Panthers IV.49
  • 7. Darkhorse IV.42
  • 8. Big Flats Premier IV.19
  • 9. Salt City Storm IV.8
  • 10. Spiroteam IV.41

(As of the end of season 28)