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New York City is a region in the USA. It's the largest region of the USA in number of teams. In Hattrick New York City is an entirely seperate region from New York (State).

New York City
Flag of New_York_City
Location of New_York_City
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Continent: North America
Zone: North America
Country:  USA
Latitude: 40°43' N
Longitude: 74°00' W
Number of teams: 645
Time zone: -6

Top Ten Teams in NYC

  1. Shaolin Landfills, 4th in Major League
  2. Red Star Belgrade, 6th in Major League
  3. Manhattan United, 6th in II.1
  4. Hazzard Hotrods, 2nd in III.14
  5. Kensington Fire, 3rd in III.16
  6. FC Exile, 4th in III.3
  7. OSORIO RC, 5th in III.9
  8. High-Noon Riders, 6th in III.10
  9. Brooklyn United, 8th in III.5
  10. Chernobyl' Atomic Elk, 8th in III.9

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