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Hello, newbie tips are important(were else do you learn)? I am first going to tell you a few good places to learn the tips, first and the main one is the conference, the conference is were you can ask people your questions and advice, to learn more go on to the conference page(there is a good thread called: top ten tips). The second place is hattrick programs such as:ham, foxtricks, batricks and many others, for more information go to helper applications. Lastly you could ask your local GM but that only if there is a problem the newbie conference cant sort or you have a idea you would like to tell the hattrick masters.
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Here are a couple of rules which later i will go into more depth about:
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1. Do not EVER UNDER ANY SERCUMSTANCIS spend money unless and ONLY unless you have don't the following: a. will not go into more debt than you can cope with b. know its a good price understand what qualities you need for that position and made sure your player has got them d. made sure you can handle wages e. have asked in the newbie conference if it is worth it.(and same for anything else IE upgrading your arena).
2. For your own good as soon as you start make sure you have a solid coach with poor leadership abilities, then decide what you are training: wingers, defenders, midfield or strikers. next get the maximum amount of those necessary egg strikers you could have 6 strikers 3 foe friendless 3 for league matches. After that get your team playing a regular formation that suits your training program EG 3-4-3 for strikers so you have 3 training slots for each match. get the trainees at 17 OR 18 no older, then train them till they become 20. Start them off with a main skill which should be passable for 17 years olds and solid for the next year up.
3. what i am going to tel you is the most important thing EVER. These words are this: '''READ THE RULES 1,000,000,000 TIMES'''.
4. Assistants are important but know what you are doing with them for example, it would be stupid to buy i assistant coach and 9 keeper assistant if you you train defending but it would be equally stupid if everything was vice verse. i will go into these tips more detailed and tell you ruffly how much of everything you should have but for now i will just tell you this: doctors are USLESS if you don't have any injured players. NEVER have MORE than 10 of each type.
Now after like i said i  would explain further into these tips so here are my explanations. For my number 1 rule there if not much to add but only to tell you my experiences after disobeying these rules so here goes. I many a time just spent spent and spent even more this has resulted in be going bankrupt 7 times and having to start a new account. I have expanded my stadium way beyond the limits and that is how i bankrupted 3 accounts.
For my second rule i am going to put a quote:"''keep the oldies and your team will be good for the life span of a ghost, train and get new blood and you team will not die''Andrew Flintoff. Also if you don't train you don't sell if you don't sell you don't get money if you don't get money you don't get better if you don't get better i will beat you which will be embarrassing as i am hattricks worst ever team. Every week you get to choose what kind of training you want to concentrate on. The effects of the week's training always appear on Thursday night, so you have to change your training orders before this. Changes in player's current form and general form also occur at this time.
Three factors decide the effects of training: the intensity of training, training type, and the coaching staff (main coach and assistants).
Intensity of training
The harder you train, the better the squad's form becomes in general, and effects from special training increase. You decide on intensity of training by supplying a number between 0 and 100.
The drawbacks of a high level of intensity are that risks for injuries increase. You'll have to decide yourself what level of intensity will suit you - do ask other managers at the conference.
Note that only current form, not background form, is affected by training. However, you can slightly counteract a slipping form tendency by a high level of training intensity. Significantly decreasing intensity can provide a 'one-time' boost to the team spirit of a team
Training type
There are 13 types of training to choose from. Most of them make your players better at something, although some may have negative side effects. The different types of training are shown in the diagram below.
If you have a good coach, special training will be more effective than if you have a bad one. Assistant coaches also increase the effect of training.
Note: For training to become its most effective, a player should normally be allowed to play the week's matches in a suitable position. Training should be combined with "live action", so to speak. Friday is the day when effects of training kick in for most leagues. At this point, it's important what position the player was in during the week. If he played in a mid-week match, his position in that game is the one that matters for the training update. If he didn't play mid-week, it's his position in the league game that's important. If he didn't play in either match, he won't be affected by the week's training activities very much at all.
Repositioned players get their match training from their new position. Players with individual orders get their match training from their normal positions.
It doesn't matter if the player plays in a friendly game, a cup match or a league game - they're all just as effective from a training point of view. If you show up for a match, but your opponent doesn't, you will win by walk-over - and your players will get full training effect, as in a normal game.
Brackets indicate small effects. Double brackets indicate very small effects.
Training type Improves ...for... Impairs
General (Form) (All who played a game during the week) 
Stamina Stamina All Form
Set pieces Set pieces All 
Defending Defending Defenders ((Others)) 
Scoring Scoring Forwards ((others)) 
Crossing (Winger) Winger Wingers - slightly faster than other (Wing backs) ((others)) 
Shooting (Scoring) (Outfielders) ((Others)) 
(Set pieces)(((All)) 
Short passes Passing Midfielders and forwards ((Others)) 
Play making      Midfield Inner midfielders (Wingers) ((Others)) 
Goalkeeping Goalkeeping Goalkeepers 
Through passes Passing Defenders and midfielders ((Others)) 
Defensive positions Defending (Defenders and midfielders) ((Others)) 
Wing attacks Winger Forwards and wingers ((Others)) 
The team below trains "Defence" this week. Please note that your actual match day may vary - Sunday refers to the weekend league match, while Wednesday is the midweek friendly/cup match.
Adam Adams played as a defender last Sunday but missed the Wednesday game. He'll improve his defending a lot during the week.
Bert McBert missed Sunday's game but played in the defence Wednesday. He'll improve his defending as much as Adam Adams.
Carl Carlson plays as a forward Sunday, but as a defender Wednesday. He'll improve his defending just as much as the two players above. All three of them were defenders in their last game.
David Davis played as a defender Sunday, but switched to forward during Wednesday's game. This confuses him enough that he only improves his defending skills as though he had played forward in both games.
Gus O'Gumby didn't play on either Sunday or Wednesday. He doesn't improve his skill.
now for my third rule(don't groan this one is not that long. Hattrick is a game where you get to lead a virtual football team to glory, in competition with other participants from all over the world. You perform the duties of both club owner and manager. You buy and sell players, invest the club's money in utilities like a bigger stadium, or in the youth squad. You select a team from the players who are in top form at the time, plan your tactics before the next match, decide on what sort of training is needed, and much, much more.You can keep yourself continuously updated on the state of your team by logging on to the Hattrick website, reading your team reports and checking out the latest news on the transfer market. This is also where you give your team orders for upcoming games and where you decide on how the team will train during the week.that is the introduction to the rules, you need to read the rules you have got to its like a law.
number four.There is a wide variety of specialists available to your club. They help manage different things, but each costs you 1 000 £ a week.
There's no limit to the amount of employees you can hire, but the effect of every additional specialist recedes successively. Two assistant coaches are better than one, but the effect is definitely not doubled. Having four specialists is slightly better than having two, but again doesn't double the effect. The following specialists are available: Goalkeeping coach: Improves your goalkeeper form, and goalkeeping skills.
Assistant coach: Same effect as if you had a more skilled coach, meaning your outfield players' form improves and they get more out of training sessions. The coach's abilities for leadership are unaffected, though.
Sports psychologist: Increases confidence and, to a degree, team spirit.
Spokesperson: Improves supporter and sponsor attitude towards the club.
Economist: If you have many debts or many funds available, you can hire an economist to reduce your interest rates, or invest your surplus.
Physiotherapist: Reduces chances of injuries.
Doctor: Helps injured players rehabilitate faster. It'll cost you 1 000 £ to fire a specialist. If you have more than ten specialists of the same kind (goalkeeping and assistant coaches are, for this purpose, counted as the same type) problems with cooperation may occur, possibly causing negative effects on the team atmosphere, economic setbacks, or similar - including a loss of training. For every specialist above the first ten, the risks and negative effects increase.The amount of specialists employed can be checked under "The Club" caption in the "Your Club" menu. This is also where you hire and fire specialists.
and now for the last one and the shortest, everything is random, some factors may incorage the coin to the be heads but it can still be tails.
thanxs for reading this truckload. zafar abbas juma
p.s delete this if it goes off the season but for now, merry christmas.

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Newbie Tips can now be found here: Category:Newbie Tips.

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