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There are three types of '''newsletters''':
There are three types of '''newsletters''':

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There are three types of newsletters:

  1. Each User can write a newsletter from their HT Mail. This will be recieved by everyone that supports this users team.
  2. In Federations members with granted access have the possibility to write newsletters. These newsletters may be aimed at all members, or to a certain role within the Federation.
  3. HT Newsletters, also known as Hattrick News, are sent via email to the users who have opted for this in the settings. These newsletters contain editorial material, HT-Team interviews, user interviews, interesting articles and much more.

For 1 and 2 above the same as with HT Mail applies, the number of characters in the mail is limited to 500. Also, the title of the Newsletter is automatically set, and will read "Newsletter from <team_name>" or "Newsletter from <federation_name>" in the language of the sender.