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Some players in Hattrick are born with a nickname, and some may be awarded a nickname by the HT's, after some special performance.

Players Awarded Nicknames

This is a few examples of players awarded a nickname:

  • Karsten 'Mjølnir' Hammer (2777922) - Was awarded his name after Norway (his team) beat Sweden in a WC final.
  • George 'Archbishop' Carey (2470166) - The greatest goalkeeper in HT History, nickamed Archibishop because he has the same name of the former archibishop of Canterbury.
  • Markus 'Der Bomber' Saraba (14860874) - Scored a hattrick in a WC-Final. The real life German striker Gerd Müller has the same nickname.
  • Matej 'Božský' Mertl (23451819) - Božský means divine, reason unknown.
  • Predrag "Master" Andjelic (7296649) - The first player in history to win the Hattrick Masters twice.
  • Swen "Fumpe" Ewers (112650522) - Fumpe means a bad player in German. He was in the German U20-Team that won the WC. He was trained in set pieces, so he didnt make many stars. Everyone questioned his appointment to the national team, but he silenced them effectively when he scored two goals in the U20-WC-Final.
  • Marc 'de la gente' O'Farrell - Reason unknown

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