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Some players in Hattrick are born with a nickname, and some may be awarded a nickname by the HT's, after some special performance.

Players Awarded Nicknames

This is a few examples of players awarded a nickname:

  • Karsten 'Mjølnir' Hammer (2777922) - Was awarded his name after Norway (his team) beat Sweden in a WC final.
  • George 'Archbishop' Carey (2470166) - reason unknown.
  • Markus 'Der Bomber' Saraba - playerid and reason unknown.
  • Matej 'Božský' Mertl (23451819) - Božský means divine, reason unknown.
  • Predrag 'Master' Andjelic (7296649) - the first player in history to win the Hattrick Masters twice.

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