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* 30-05-2013 : [[Sportieve Senioren/Toader Bordei|Toader Bordei]] {{Playerid|66568052}}
* 30-05-2013 : [[Sportieve Senioren/Toader Bordei|Toader Bordei]] {{Playerid|66568052}}
* 20-09-2013 : [[Sportieve Senioren/Tãnase Tãnase|Tãnase Tãnase]] {{Playerid|143684118}}
== Records ==
== Records ==

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Sportieve Senioren (836778)
Managed by ZF-Nightwish
Club information
LocationOost-Vlaanderen Belgium
ArenaHet Jelmer Brandis stadion
Fan ClubNightwish Angels

Sportieve Senioren


Sportieve Senioren was founded by ZF-Nightwish on 10 june 2005.

This means the teams exists for 50 years and 14 days (Hattrick time).

The team wanders arround in the cellers of Hattrick Belgium, changing division almost every season. Currently they are playing in VII.579.

One of the goals of this team is collecting Achievements. Currently they are still with the best 50 achievers of Belgium with 456 points.

Flag Collections


Arena Het Jelmer Brandis stadion has hosted teams from 41 of 128 countries.

Argentina Belgium Brazil Czech Republic Chile China Taiwan Colombia Denmark Germany Spain France Greece Croatia Indonesia Iran Republic of Ireland Israel Italy Kazakhstan Latvia Lithuania Hungary Netherlands Japan Norway Oceania Austria Peru Poland Portugal Romania Russia Switzerland Singapore Slovakia Serbia Finland Suriname Sweden Turkey


Sportieve Senioren has visited 73 of 128 countries.

Argentina Azerbaijan Belarus Belgium Bolivia Bosnia & Herzegovina Brazil Bulgaria Canada Czech Republic Chile China Colombia Costa Rica Montenegro Wales Cyprus Denmark Germany Estonia England Spain France South Korea Greece Croatia Indonesia Iran Republic of Ireland Iceland Israel Italy Kazakhstan Latvia Luxembourg Lithuania Hungary North Macedonia Malaysia Malta Mexico Egypt Moldova Netherlands Japan Norway Oceania Austria Paraguay Peru Poland Portugal Thailand Romania Russia Georgia Switzerland Scotland Albania Singapore Slovenia Slovakia Serbia Finland Suriname Sweden Turkey Ukraine Uruguay USA Uzbekistan Venezuela Vietnam

Guestbook Signs

Iraq Kuwait Morocco Jordan Yemen Algeria Andorra Angola Argentina Azerbaijan Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belgium Benin Bolivia Bosnia & Herzegovina Brazil Brunei Bulgaria Cape Verde Cameroon Canada Czech Republic Chile China Taiwan Colombia Costa Rica

Ivory Coast Montenegro Wales Cyprus Denmark Qatar Germany Maldives Ecuador Estonia El Salvador England Spain Faroe Islands France Ghana Guatemala South Korea Armenia Greece Honduras Hong Kong Croatia India Indonesia Iran Republic of Ireland Iceland Israel Italy

Jamaica Kampuchea Kazakhstan Kenya Kyrgyzstan Latvia Luxembourg Liechtenstein Lithuania Lebanon Hungary North Macedonia Malaysia Malta Mexico Egypt Mozambique Moldova Mongolia Netherlands Nicaragua Nigeria Japan Norway Northern Ireland Oceania Oman Austria Pakistan Palestine

Panama Paraguay Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Thailand Dominican Republic Romania Russia Georgia Saudi Arabia Switzerland Scotland Senegal Albania Singapore Slovenia Slovakia South Africa Serbia Finland Suriname Sweden Tanzania Tunisia Trinidad & Tobago Turkey Uganda Ukraine

United Arab Emirates Uruguay USA Venezuela Vietnam


Angola Argentina Belgium Czech Republic China Germany England Greece Iran Italy Israel Mexico Egypt Mongolia Netherlands Japan Poland Portugal Romania Switzerland Serbia Suriname Sweden Tunisia Ukraine USA Vietnam


Current supporters

User Team
Belgium Waelvis Magnifier.png SV Zaffelare Magnifier.png
Chile KFTRO Magnifier.png cafeteros unidos Magnifier.png
Angola Lions4ever Magnifier.png Luanda Lions Magnifier.png
Iran Linorth Magnifier.png 021 FC Magnifier.png
Germany Asmodi Magnifier.png Rolandinho Karlshorst Magnifier.png
Netherlands RedStarDordt Magnifier.png Rode Ster Dordrecht Magnifier.png
Suriname Suriberg Magnifier.png Sula de Gunsi Magnifier.png
Sweden Wartem Magnifier.png Wastem Magnifier.png
Belgium Schuurspons Magnifier.png FC Jeuken en Krabben Magnifier.png
Netherlands LA-Seran Magnifier.png Azzato's Mighty Heroes Magnifier.png
Israel MetallicBlue Magnifier.png Hapoel-Tzutzik-Petah Tikva Magnifier.png
England KozzyKozzers Magnifier.png Bristol Rovers SMK Magnifier.png
England SirBert Magnifier.png UnderDogZ FC Magnifier.png
Netherlands Viktor86 Magnifier.png Viktor United City Magnifier.png
Netherlands Lightsun Magnifier.png HetBeste Magnifier.png
Poland anakonda Magnifier.png Deep Silent Complete Magnifier.png
Belgium prithender Magnifier.png De Karrewieten Magnifier.png
Belgium MOD-Marcske Magnifier.png FC Stoempers Magnifier.png
Belgium angelina17 Magnifier.png fc-arsenal. Magnifier.png
Belgium MOD-Durmey Magnifier.png RED DRAGONS Magnifier.png
Belgium MOD-ekreteiP Magnifier.png R. Cappellen FC Magnifier.png
Belgium White_Stripe Magnifier.png Balls And A Biscuit Magnifier.png
Belgium Biete Magnifier.png SDJ Bietegem Magnifier.png
Belgium MOD-Qodan Magnifier.png HC Foolstadt Magnifier.png
Belgium GM-CableGuy Magnifier.png FC Hofsaait Magnifier.png
Belgium ZF-fakteur Magnifier.png FC 7de knoopsgat Magnifier.png
Denmark TheFakeMother Magnifier.png LOST Series Club Magnifier.png
Belgium MOD-Ambi1 Magnifier.png Port Charlotte Magnifier.png
Belgium DK-PeterV Magnifier.png The StellaArtoisBoys Magnifier.png
Netherlands KateMartinelli Magnifier.png Backbone Angie Magnifier.png
Russia RUKENT Magnifier.png Spartak SPb Magnifier.png
Belgium stoorzender Magnifier.png ksvo Magnifier.png
Finland NiisQQ Magnifier.png Master Of NiisQQ Magnifier.png
Belgium ZF23-kripottel Magnifier.png R Standard Pottel Magnifier.png
Belgium Chippen17 Magnifier.png RSC Ana Ivanovic Magnifier.png
Belgium Rokavo Magnifier.png Rokavo Magnifier.png
Belgium pistolevanov Magnifier.png Sporting Duistbos Magnifier.png
Germany DonHensgen Magnifier.png AK Chemie Köln Magnifier.png
Belgium pisman Magnifier.png ef see de plee Magnifier.png
Belgium WuRTeL Magnifier.png R.C. Vozzko Magnifier.png
Belgium HFFC2008 Magnifier.png Heart Of Flanders FC Magnifier.png
Belgium Xanderdeli Magnifier.png Xanderstars Magnifier.png
Germany MarkusSaraba Magnifier.png Viking Theresvar Magnifier.png
Belgium wodca Magnifier.png Outside Jumpers GL Magnifier.png
Belgium Bandarlog Magnifier.png MONKEY SOCCER Magnifier.png
Belgium Rot-zak-ske Magnifier.png LAL Los Angeles Lakers Magnifier.png
Belgium Zionnoah Magnifier.png TaxHaven Adegem Magnifier.png
Belgium Atomixer Magnifier.png De Secretarisvogels Magnifier.png

Former supporters

Serbia ZoranT Vietnam ryodan Greece gatekiller Belgium ginon China maybe1404 Belgium King Of The Dust
Belgium dragonfly Ukraine colonel_Lobo Netherlands Seabert Belgium genkie-2004 Italy Brennus USA JDoT40
Portugal pbalsa Sweden HT-Stefan England jayg77 Belgium Vissershof Belgium Gianni_Promenare Egypt Katana_
Belgium will--Smith Argentina IanDee Mexico diamanteloco_ Tunisia Far3ess Belgium viking-skarsnik Switzerland Isler
Netherlands Apenkool Romania Mircea_ Iran _Lord-Masoud_ Belgium Darth-Moons Belgium Samson Netherlands -Vinky-
Belgium Groom_Of_Destruction Portugal Carlinhos74 Belgium lenzboy30 Latvia Liiv_Hammett Belgium Stientjen Germany Jegors_
Belgium Obi-Wan_Kenobi Belgium ARAG-Maximonio Mongolia Popular-Nerd Belgium AnaSNOEP Norway Gungne Belgium DaddyAce
Belgium nonkelvladimir Czech Republic mvv83 Belgium ZF-Nachtwinkel Japan trick2010 Belgium fckingsofleon Belgium Twisted_Sister
Belgium Gianni_El_Rosso Italy Manny_Ray-BSK Belgium HardFusion Belgium divdw Israel Meir-Ariel Belgium Boena
Netherlands BAN-ZF-Hayeolden


Season League Cup
season 13 1st in X.223 -
season 14 2nd in IX.243 -
season 15 4th in VIII.180 2nd round
season 16 8th in VII.818 2nd round
season 17 4th in VIII.1935 2nd round
season 18 2nd in VIII.1935 2nd round
season 19 2nd in VIII.1935 2nd round
season 20 1st in VIII.1935 2nd round
season 21 1st in VII.358 2nd round
season 22 7th in VI.543 3rd round
season 23 1st in VII.711 4th round
season 24 2nd in VI.664 3rd round
season 25 1st in VI.664 6th round
season 26 5th in V.66 7th round
season 27 5th in V.66 2nd round
season 28 1st in VI.844 5th round
season 29 5th in V.189 5th round
season 30 6th in V.189 4th round
season 31 7th in V.189 4th round
season 32 3rd in VI.897 4th round
season 33 3rd in VI.897 2nd round
season 34 2nd VI.897 5th round
season 35 3rd in VI.897 3rd round
season 36 5th in VI.897 3rd round
season 37 6th in VI.897 2nd round
season 38 7th in VI.897 2nd round
season 39 1st in VII.579 3rd round
season 40 4th in VI.198 3rd round

Prize shelf

Seasons Champion

P1 black-new.gif P1 pink-new.gif P1 dblue-new.gif P1 dblue-new.gif P1 brown-new.gif P1 brown-new.gif P1 dblue-new.gif

Top Scorers

Goldenboot X.gif Goldenboot VIII.gif Goldenboot VIII.gif Goldenboot VIII.gif Goldenboot VII.gif Goldenboot VII.gif Goldenboot VI.gif Goldenboot V.gif Goldenboot V.gif Goldenboot VI.gif Goldenboot VI.gif Goldenboot VII.gif

Other titles & cups


  • Belgium Jules Arnaud (10 June 2005 - 11 June 2005)
  • Romania Dunãrel Mihai (11 June 2005 - 30 March 2006)
  • Czech Republic Albín Urbanec (30 March 2006 - 20 July 2007)
  • Belgium Guerric Varenne (20 July 2007 - 31 December 2008)
  • Austria Johannes Resch (31 December 2008 - 4 April 2010)
  • Spain Toni Matías (4 April 2010 - 26 September 2012)
  • Moldova Toader Bordei (26 September 2012 - 19 May 2013)
  • Belgium Jelmer Brandis (19 May 2013 - the present)

Jelmer Brandis

Jelmer Brandis is the Unpredictable star of Sportieve Senioren. This attacker was promoted from the Youthsquad and stayed in the team.

He became 3 times topscorer in VIII.1935, twice in VI.897, once in VII.358, VI.664, V.66 & V.189. His selfconfidence is at least divine, he thinks of himself as a god.

He played already 620 matches and scored 500 goals for Sportieve Senioren.

He also holds the incredible record of 174 matches being "man of the match".

And off course he has been captain of the team already 433 times.

At the age of 38 he debuted for the Belgian NT.


Most Games Played

Player Games
Belgium Jelmer Brandis 620
Germany Jakob Kraeussel 404
Chile Alfredo Maccioni 334
Spain Toni Matías 302
Scotland David MacNamell 280
Philippines Artemio Molina 274
Romania Panait Bălan 255
Montenegro Hrustan Beširević 254
Israel Tzur Lev 224
Romania Marius Vlad 209
Romania Tãnase Tãnase 199
Turkey Vecih Sarıer 194
Finland Tarja Turunen 193
Denmark Boe Linnet 183
Finland Marko Hietala 172
Denmark Hans Erling Vad 158
Finland Jukka 'Julius' Nevalainen 124
Brazil Célio Bimba 123
Belgium Leen Paalvast 120
Finland Sami Vänskä 117
USA Dale Ellis 114
Belgium Fréderik Verstockt 105
China Chong Kim Soon 103
Belgium Marco de Groen 102
Finland Toni Kakko 101

Most Goals Scored

Player Goals
Belgium Jelmer Brandis 500
Germany Jakob Kraeussel 238
Montenegro Hrustan Beširević 133
Denmark Hans Erling Vad 97
Finland Tarja Turunen 94
Chile Alfredo Maccioni 84
Philippines Artemio Molina 76
Israel Tzur Lev 71
China Fakhri Al-shamlan 71
Belgium Fréderik Verstockt 63

Most Times Captain

Player Times
Belgium Jelmer Brandis 433
Sweden Mikael Myrin 66
Belgium Guerric Varenne 59
Finland Tarja Turunen 37
Poland Władysław Sekulski 34

Most Times Player of the Match

Player Times
Belgium Jelmer Brandis 174
Belgium Fréderik Verstockt 91
Bahrain Fakhri Al-shamlan 84
Montenegro Hrustan Beširević 57
Belgium Joost Verhulst 54

Most Clean Sheets

Player Times
Spain Toni Matías 77
Romania Licã Bãlãnescu 37
Denmark Boe Linnet 34
Netherlands Baz Schrijnders 12
Finland Tuomas Holopainen 7

Hall of Fame



Record Player Number
Most Games Belgium Jelmer Brandis 620
Most Goals Belgium Jelmer Brandis 500
Highest TSI Belgium Fréderik Verstockt 354.210
Most stars Bahrain Fakhri Al-shamlan 13
Most cards Chile Alfredo Maccioni 46 yellow cards & 2 red cards
Most times Captain Belgium Jelmer Brandis 433
Most "Man of the Match" Belgium Jelmer Brandis 174
Most Clean Sheets Spain Toni Matías 77


Record Game Score
Higest Win sportieve senioren - de baafkes 12 - 0
Higest Lose sportieve senioren - De snelle slakken 0 - 10
Higest Official Win Royal Gistel - Sportieve Senioren 0 - 12
Higest Official Lose team ideal - Sportieve Senioren 9 - 0
Most goals in match Sportieve Senioren - Racing Orekas 7 - 7

Biggest Crowds

Record Match Crowd
Biggest Crowd Overall Royal Gistel - sportieve senioren 56.059
Smallest Crowd Overall sportieve senioren - squadra Milan 70
Biggest Crowd League Royal Gistel - sportieve senioren 56.059
Biggest Crowd Cup sportieve senioren - Baton Rouge 47.387
Biggest Crowd Friendly Sportieve Senioren - Sula De Gunsi 7.042
Smallest Crowd League geonosis - sportieve senioren 1.716
Smallest Crowd Cup red armania - sportieve senioren 7.009
Smallest Crowd Friendly sportieve senioren - squadra Milan 70


Transfers In

Player Bought from Price
Belgium Fréderik Verstockt Belgium FC The Fighting spirits € 6.000.000
Bahrain Fakhri Al-shamlan Belgium Newcastle United Jets FC € 5.000.000
Finland Jukka Nevalainen Germany Vorwärts Wismar € 1.700.000
Belgium Pieter Hettema Italy PRAETORIANA € 1.692.000
Germany Scott Traurig Finland FC RuSiNaT € 1.625.000

Transfers Out

Player Sold to Price
Belgium Fréderik Verstockt Portugal Uniao Tomar € 3.200.000
England Louis Grundy Germany Mettmannkings € 2.400.000
Denmark Hans Erling Vad Brazil Rafaelo Esporte Clube € 2.081.000
Italy Roberto Arcioni Israel M&M "mangal" Team € 2.073.000
China Chong Kim Soon Sweden Ravanelli bk € 1.692.000


Record Date Number
Fanclub size 2 Jul 2009 2384
Team ranking 17 May 2010 1003
Rating 27 January 2010 (267186410) 263
Stars 14 October 2012 (403774874) 72,5
Loddar stats 27 January 2010 (267186410) 24.45


Played friendlies with:

Player collections

Nightwish members


Player NT-Caps U20-Caps HM-Caps ID
El Salvador Gerardo Soriano 143 39 11 (66177991)
Barbados Jan Macahan 103 26 - (91796567)
Kyrgyzstan Sultan Ismailov 80 32 - (56027207)
Bahrain Amal Abbas 76 35 1 (130934182)
Georgia Yury Smyslov 65 21 1 (135967846)
Northern Ireland Michael Crowley 39 26 - (127518914)
Bahrain Fakhri Al-shamlan 54 9 - (237201242)
Chile Rodrigo Cossio 39 20 1 (128243375)
Iceland Þorgeir Auðunsson 25 30 1 (127399099)
Suriname Abla Tjoe-Ny 11 29 1 (98925946)
Lebanon Turk Zaidan 36 - - (98925946)
Montenegro Hrustan Beširević - 2 - (156451289)
Belgium Jelmer 'God' Brandis 1 - - (90011459)
Turkey Vecih Sarıer - - 1 (224062222)
Total Caps 672 269 17


Player NT-Caps U20-Caps HM-Caps ID
Georgia Stepan Chebaevskiy 79 40 8 Retired
Moldova Toader Bordei 102 20 - (66568052)
Bosnia & Herzegovina Andrija Vuger 85 22 1 Retired
Dominican Republic Abundio Amorrortu 50 22 - Retired
Portugal Martinho Meira 68 - - Retired
Belgium Engel Eilert 24 - - (91665925)
Belgium Fréderik Verstockt 22 - - (144789225)
Honduras Orlando Barrera 22 - - Retired
Indonesia Prasetyo Gideon 21 - - Retired
USA Ron Bostic - 18 2 Retired
Oceania Arthur Judge - 10 6 Retired
Nigeria Samuel Benibor 3 9 - (47915369)
Bulgaria Tzvetelin Borgov - 11 - Retired
Spain Antoni Serra - - 9 Retired
Slovenia Boris Židan - 4 4 Retired
Belgium Pieter Hettema - - 4 (135919491)
Sweden Richard Alexandersson - - 3 Retired


Total 456 of 998 possible points


Date Achievement Points
01-12-2006 Ach 8.png Player's skill increased 10
01-12-2006 Ach 2.png Bought player 10
05-12-2006 Ach 9.png Pulled a youth player 10
08-12-2006 Ach 3.png Sold player 10
22-12-2006 Ach 11.png Rebought a youth player 10
10-03-2007 Ach 10.png Sold a rebought youth player 10
02-07-2008 Ach 21 5.png Advanced from round 3 in the Cup 10
27-10-2008 Ach 32 3.png Fan club size reached 2000 members 15
04-01-2009 Ach 33.png Promoted player (49014825) to Hall Of Fame 15
04-05-2009 Ach 34.png Sold a youth player 10
26-07-2009 Ach 31 1.png Cash is king 35
02-11-2009 Ach 1 6.png Team was ranked amongst the top 2000 30
30-05-2010 Ach 23 4.png Total TSI of the squad exceeded 600.000 30


Date Achievement Points
31-01-2007 Ach 25.png Home-grown lineup (111045214) 25
07-02-2007 Ach 7.png Played international friendly match (111367466) 10
05-06-2007 Ach 27.png Youthful lineup (126593444) 35
27-06-2007 Ach 28.png Academy lineup (127397088) 35
05-07-2007 Ach 26.png Veteran lineup (127659322) 35
14-10-2012 Ach 22 7.png Team reached 70 stars in a match (403774874) 30
27-01-2010 Ach 6 12.png Team reached an average match rating of solid (267186410) 11


Date Achievement Points
27-11-2006 Ach 5.png Wrote a conference post 10
28-11-2006 Ach 4.png Wrote a press announcement 10
10-10-2008 Ach 16 5.png Founded federation, received 115 members 20

Special Awards

Date Achievement Points
09-11-2008 Ach 19.png Nice Squad 15
04-10-2009 Ach 18.png Honest Squad 15

Guestbook signs

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