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Sportieve Senioren


Sportieve Senioren was founded by HeavensAngel on 10 june 2005.

The team wanders arround in the cellers of Hattrick Belgium, changing devision almost every season. Currently they are playing in VI.664.

One of the goals of this team is collecting Achievements. Currently their still at the best 50 achievers of Belgium with 386 points.

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Season League Cup
season 13 1st in X.223 -
season 14 2nd in IX.243 -
season 15 4th in VIII.180 2nd round
season 16 8th in VII.818 2nd round
season 17 4th in VIII.1935 2nd round
season 18 2nd in VIII.1935 2nd round
season 19 2nd in VIII.1935 2nd round
season 20 1st in VIII.1935 2nd round
season 21 1st in VII.358 2nd round
season 22 7th in VI.543 3th round
season 23 1st in VII.711 4th round
season 24 2nd in VI.664 3th round
season 25 On going On going

Prize shelf

Seasons Champion

P1 black-new.gif P1 pink-new.gif P1 dblue-new.gif P1 dblue-new.gif

Top Scorers

Goldenboot X.gif Goldenboot VIII.gif Goldenboot VIII.gif Goldenboot VIII.gif Goldenboot VII.gif Goldenboot VII.gif Goldenboot VI.gif

Other titles & cups

  • Quarterfinal OVl Cup 5
  • No titles yet

Jelmer Brandis

Jelmer Brandis is the Unpredictable star of Sportieve Senioren. This attacker was promoted from the youthsquad and stayed in the team.

He became 3 times topscorer in VIII.1935, once in VII.358 an once in VI.664. His selfconfidence is at least divine, he thinks of himself as a god.

He played already 238 matches and scored 180 goals for Sportieve Senioren.

He also holds an incredible record of 129 matches being "man of the match".

And even without much experience he has been captain of the team already 69 times.


Most Games Played

Player Games
Template:Flag/BEL Jelmer Brandis 238
Template:Flag/GER Jakob Kraeussel 145
Template:Flag/DEN Hans Erling Vad 121
Template:Flag/BEL Leen Paalvast 105
Template:Flag/CHN Chong Kim Soon 103
Template:Flag/USA Dale Ellis 100
Template:Flag/SWE Peter Bokfeldt 98
Template:Flag/SUI Hugo Sanson 94
Template:Flag/BEL Cirdan Berghmans 93
Template:Flag/NED Pavel van der Tempel 92
Template:Flag/BRA Célio Bimba 91
Template:Flag/ROU Licã Bãlãnescu 89
Template:Flag/BEL Betto van Boxel 87
Template:Flag/NED Alfonso Wolfensberger 86
Template:Flag/BEL Guerric Varenne 85
Template:Flag/SWE Mikael Myrin 82
Template:Flag/CHI Alfredo Maccioni 81
Template:Flag/BEL Zacharie Labitte 77
Template:Flag/ESP Toni Matías 77
Template:Flag/ESP Pablo Farrés 76

Most Goals Scored

Player Goals
Template:Flag/BEL Jelmer Brandis 180
Template:Flag/GER Jakob Kraeussel 101
Template:Flag/DEN Hans Erling Vad 85
Template:Flag/CHN Chong Kim Soon 56
Template:Flag/SWE Peter Bokfeldt 43
Template:Flag/SUI Hugo Sanson 41
Template:Flag/BEL Alfred Stolpe 37
Template:Flag/USA Dale Ellis 36
Template:Flag/BEL Antoine Florentin 33
Template:Flag/BEL Betto van Boxel 28

Most Times Captain

Player Times
Template:Flag/BEL Jelmer Brandis 69
Template:Flag/SWE Mikael Myrin 66
Template:Flag/BEL Guerric Varenne 59
Template:Flag/POL Władysław Sekulski 34
Template:Flag/BEL Siegfried Chabod 32

Most Times Man of the Match

Player Times
Template:Flag/BEL Jelmer Brandis 129
Template:Flag/BEL Lukas Kilian Lippert 32
Template:Flag/BRA Célio Bimba 27
Template:Flag/BEL Alfred Stolpe 16
Template:Flag/BEL Joost Verhulst 15

Most Clean Sheets

Player Times
Template:Flag/ROU Licã Bãlãnescu 37
Template:Flag/ESP Toni Matías 31
Template:Flag/NED Baz Schrijnders 12
Template:Flag/BEL Marco Alofs 5
Template:Flag/BEL Martinus Deboeck 4


12-06-2005 : The first match. Sportieve won 0-2, the very first goal was made bij the legendary Alfred Stolpe.

19-07-2006 : The 100th matchof Sportieve Senioren. For the celebration of this event the team went to the Czech Republic.

12-11-2006 : Alfred Stolpe plays his last match. He scores the only hattrick in his carrier, and took his place in the hall of fame of the team.

12-12-2007 : In the world tour the smallest country they hosted was Chinese Taipei. KpKing came to visited them for an international friendly cup.

09-04-2008 : Cirdan Berghmansplays his last match. against the team he started with.

11-05-2008 : Sportieve Senioren plays in black shirts cause of the earthquakes in eastern Asia.

25-05-2008 : Ole Norum was ritually sacreficed, it was an action of the zevered (ZF) against the irritating olé-errors.

01-06-2008 : On the last day of the competition in VI.543 Sportieve faces anderlecht2004 in the battle against degradation. But instead of doing everything they can to stay in, many players refused to play. The result was a 7-0 lose that will be remembered forever.

27-07-2008 : Hans Erling Vad scores the 1000th goal in the history of Sportieve Senioren.

13-08-2008 : Sportieve played against leemenking in Beijing (China) during the Olympic Games Beijing 2008. Also the logo and shirts were changed.

14-09-2008 : Betto van Boxelplays his last match. He was the last player of the team that started 11 seasons earlier.

30-11-2008 : Sportieve played in red against child abuse. (Bugged)



Record Player Number
Most Games Template:Flag/BEL Jelmer Brandis 238
Most Goals Template:Flag/BEL Jelmer Brandis 180
Highest TSI Template:Flag/BEL Joost Verhulst 201.580
Most cards Template:Flag/CHN Chong Kim Soon 26 yellow & 3 red cards
Most times Captain Template:Flag/BEL Jelmer Brandis 69
Most "Man of the Match" Template:Flag/BEL Jelmer Brandis 129
Most Clean Sheets Template:Flag/ROU Licã Bãlãnescu 37


Record Game Score
Higest Win sportieve senioren - de baafkes 12 - 0
Higest Lose sportieve senioren - De snelle slakken 0 - 10
Higest Official Win sportieve senioren - FC purple skies 11 - 0
Higest Official Lose sportieve senioren - Blue black army 0 - 8

Biggest Crowds

Record Match Crowd
Biggest Crowd Overall r. antwerp f.c. - sportieve senioren 51.590
Smallest Crowd Overall sportieve senioren - squadra Milan 70
Biggest Crowd League r. antwerp f.c. - sportieve senioren 51.590
Biggest Crowd Cup sportieve senioren - the_gainers 37.584
Biggest Crowd Friendly sportieve senioren - Maximate 4.900
Smallest Crowd League geonosis - sportieve senioren 1.716
Smallest Crowd Cup red armania - sportieve senioren 7.009
Smallest Crowd Friendly sportieve senioren - squadra Milan 70


Record Player Number
Most expensive transfer (in) Template:Flag/GER Scott Traurig € 1.625.000
Most expensive transfer (out) Template:Flag/ENG Louis Grundy € 2.400.000


Total 386 of 1275 possible points


Date Achievement Points
01-12-2006 Player's skill increased 10
01-12-2006 Bought player 10
05-12-2006 Pulled a youth player 10
08-12-2006 Sold player 10
22-12-2006 Rebought a youth player 10
10-03-2007 Sold a rebought youth player 10
02-07-2008 Advanced from round 3 in the Cup 10
03-08-2008 Cash is king 25
13-10-2008 Team was ranked 3151 20
19-10-2008 Squad total TSI reached 374.070 20
27-10-2008 Fan club size reached 2000 members 15
04-01-2008 Promoted player (49014825) to Hall Of Fame 15


Date Achievement Points
06-12-2006 Team reached an average match rating of inadequate (98625509) 6
31-01-2007 Home-grown lineup (111045214) 25
07-02-2007 Played international friendly match (111367466) 10
05-06-2007 Youthful lineup (126593444) 35
27-06-2007 Academy lineup (127397088) 35
05-07-2007 Veteran lineup (127659322) 35
13-04-2008 Team reached 50,5 stars in a match (167132884) 20


Date Achievement Points
27-11-2006 Wrote a conference post 10
28-11-2006 Wrote a press announcement 10
10-10-2008 Founded federation, received 115 members 20

Special Awards

Date Achievement Points
09-11-2008 Nice Squad 15

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