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* [[Sealand]]
* [[Sealand]]
* [[Vatican City]]
* [[Vatican City]]
==Other organisations==
* [[Hattrick Football Association|HFA]]
* [[GAO]]
{{Non-HT Countries}}
{{Non-HT Countries}}

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The Non-Official Football Association or NFA is a mystic organisation located somewhere in the Hattrick world. The NFA has organised the NFA U-20 World Cup, an international football tournament for national teams that are not (and usually may not become) members of Hattrick.

Recognized Countries

The world in Hattrick

Counties who are associated members of the NFA, does have their own territory. To become a full member, your country has to have his own U-20 team too.

Full Members


Former Members

Associated members

Non-Official Football Association
Non-recognized members

All Non-HT Countries &
Afghanistan · Catalunya · Frisia · Friuli · Monaco · San Marino · Savoie/Arpitan · Sealand · Somaliland · Vatican City ·

Former members
Qatar · Cuba