Normal wing back

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A "normal" wingback gives you the maximum skill contribution by the player with-out any penalty to the overall performance of the player, just like other "normal" postitions in your starting 11.

How much Wing skill ?

The Wing skill on a Normal Wingback should be valued with the following two considerations relating to the impact of the player's wing and defense skills.

  1. How high is the Wingback's Defense rating? The higher the defense skill on the wingback, the higher the sacrifice to the defense rating by playing the wingback "normal" and the greater the logic to play the Wingback "defensive". A Wingback with "world class" defending and "inadequate" Wing skill would make for a very poor trade in playing that player as a "normal" Wingback.
  2. How high is the Wingback's Wing skill? The reason for playing your wingback "normal" or "offensive" is to make an impact on the wing attack rating. Wingbacks are the 5th highest contributor to wing attack, so the wing skill on a wingback should be substantial enough to make an impact.

The Wing skill of a "normal" Wingback should be high enough to justify the defensive sacrifice by making an impact on the wing attack rating. There are no fixed amounts of wing, but the wing skill level should come close to the defense skill level of the player to ensure a fair trade of skill. The more wing skill, the greater the impact on the attack.

Recent Developments

The Wing contribution of Wingbacks has been enhanced twice over the last two seasons. The contribution to central defence of Wingbacks played "defensive" has been reduced as well. As the market is new, there are not many wingbacks suitable for being played as normal wingbacks right now in Hattrick.