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   | full_local_name  = Northern_Ireland
   | full_local_name  = Northern Ireland
   | name_(english)    = Northern_Ireland
   | name_(english)    = Northern_Ireland
   | image_flag        = Flag_of_Northern_Ireland.png
   | image_flag        = Flag_of_Northern_Ireland.png

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Northern Ireland
Location of Northern_Ireland
Link to Google map
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Currency Pounds
£0.67 = 1€
Time zone Hattrick Time -1
Continent: [[Europe]]
Northern_Ireland HT Country
[[Western Europe]]
Number of regions: 6
Current local season: 8
Number of teams:
(~ active)
680 (226 active)
Level of series: 4
Top series name: Northern Irish Premier
National cup name: Northern Ireland Cup
National teams

'Norn Iron' was eventually granted status as a seperate Hattrick nation 5 seasons ago now, after a lengthy process of debate with the higher echelons of the Hattrick world. Five seasons in and our numbers have stabilised at around the 200 mark, which really isn't very impressive. If you are in Northern Ireland and you want to join the cause, check out the Hattrick homepage.

U20 Squad:

Past Coaches These users have coached this team.

Date User 2/8/2005 sean_mcdeath 9/20/2005 x3widRacin 5/2/2006 gjohnston84

NT Squad:

Date User 10/19/2004 Retired user 12/10/2004 Vegas4me 5/31/2005 Vegas4me 1/10/2006 sean_mcdeath 8/22/2006 Lemmiwinks


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