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At december 5th 2008 Julen opened a thread Global (English) named "Matches to Bookmark" (messageID:12236839.1). In this topic a list with all kind of notable matches was collected.


Crazy Scores

How'd I Loose?

How'd I Loose? is a common used phrase on the forum. These are some matches with real bad luck.

Best comebacks

Crazy Minutes

1st minute

45th minute

90th minute


Notable Facts



Youth Academy best ratings




  • (23484850) Titanic (low) Right Attack
  • (23120158) Supernatural (low) Left Attack and Magnificent (low) Right Attack
  • (23484847) Supernatural (low) Left Attack
  • (12290636) World class (low) Left Attack and Magnificent (low) Right Attack

Tactics and Events


Attack In the Middle


Counter Attack

  • (118182533) Divine Counter Attack
  • (176272358) Divine Counter Attack
  • (56026272) 7-0-3 Counter Attack wins 1-0, with a wrong player in the defense
  • (111506110) 5 Counter Attacks total, 4 for one team
  • (163633281) 3 Counter Attacks in 7 mins, victory with 24% of the ball
  • (95106253) Counter Attack in extra-time
  • (70641727) Counter Attack originated by a missed penalty
  • (80289194) 36 mins between the missed chance and the Counter Attack it originated
  • (95917960) Both play Counter Attack, 2+2 Counter Attacks. Posession switched in 2nd half
  • (69222850) One team played Counter Attack, but it was the other that scored three Counter Attack goals!

Play Creatively

Long Shots


Most special events per match

Unpredictable events

Quick events

Head Events

Technical events

  • (218231938) 2 Technical vs Head special events in 2 minutes! (39th and 41st)
  • (213468219) Technical vs Head, 88th min

Counter Attack Events

Winger events

Experience events

Weather events

Set Pieces


Weird chance distributions


Top scorers in a single match

Player(s) Name(s)

For funny playernames see Funny names



Notable facts

Youth Academy Highest player ratings