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[[Region]] in [[Canada]]
Ranked 8th for Most Users in [[Canada]].
'''Nova Scotia''' is a region in [[Canada]] and is ranked 8th in terms of users.
== Top Teams in Nova Scotia ==
1. [[Barrington Barons]] 2nd [[All Canadian]]  <br>
2. [[Halifax Huskies]] 4th II.2  <br>
3. [[Cape Sable FC]] 3rd III.5  <br>
4. [[Wyld Stallyns]] 4th III.9  <br>
5. [[A-Dot Aviators]] 6th III.11  <br>
6. [[Woodys United]] 7th III.6  <br>
7. [[Rogue Traders]] 8th III.4  <br>
8. [[Halifax Hogans]] 2nd IV.12  <br>
9. [[No Name United]] 2nd IV.36  <br>
10. [[Crazy Footballers]] 2nd IV.24  <br>
''As of 10/11/06''
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Nova Scotia is a region in Canada and is ranked 8th in terms of users.

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