NwB de Wijk

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NWB de Wijk is a Dutch club managed by John de Wijk.

NwB de Wijk (771841)
Managed by John de Wijk
Club information
LocationDrenthe Nederland
ArenaDe Wijk ArenA
Fan ClubDe Red Panters

The Club



National Cup

  • Season 21: 1st Round
  • Season 22: 1st Round

Prize shelf

1st place, IX.1347. (Season 19)



De Wijk Arena has a total capacity of 22000.

  • Terraces: 15000
  • Basic seating: 4500
  • Seats under roof: 2000
  • Seats in VIP boxes: 500

Player statistics

Most of games played top 100:

     Players            Games 

1. Jacob Krul 168 2. Gosha Zaltzman 137 3. Ruud-Jan van Loon 134 4. Stefano Nastasi 122 5. Lorenzo Yupanqui 119 6. Elie Morais 106

External Links

  • You are most welcome in my clubhouse site with players, games, the league, records, histories, links etc. Frequent and regular updates.