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Regions Teams
ACT 607
American Samoa 2
Cook Islands 364
Fiji 316
New Caledonia 2
New South Wales 2058
New Zealand North 786
New Zealand South 477
Northern Territory 372
Papua New Guinea 332
Queensland 818
Solomon Islands 333
South Australia 547
Tahiti 366
Tasmania 400
Tonga 333
Vanuatu 351
Victoria 1382
Western Australia 726

Country Information

English name: Oceania

10920 teams 20 regions 4307 active users (25-11-2005)

Why Oceania?

Oceania started off as Australia in Season 2. After a season, a petition was started to rename Australia to Oceania. It was felt that Oceania better represented the region and that united we would be much stronger than as individual leagues. That petition was successful and Australia was renamed to Oceania from Season 3 onwards. As Hattrick grew, there have been numerous calls for the league to be split into its various member countries. There have even been referumdums on the issue, none of them successful. The people of Oceania believe they have a unique community which would be destroyed if the leagues were separated. The HT-Gods have gone on record to say that Oceania will not be split.

Famous Moments

  • 15 seasons ago Oceania was created
  • Oceania wins silver in the under 20 world cup
  • The Alliance vs The Axis tournament during the season break after Season 14

Infamous Moments

Arthur Harris gets sent off in the quarter final match of the 2002 U20 world cup


The Senior National Team

The U20 National Team


Trophy Winners

League Workers


  • GM-SimonJ
  • GM-Woosha
  • MOD-Cyntech
  • MOD-Trixibelle


  • GM-Sleeperz
  • GM-Cam
  • GM-Ette
  • GM-Cyntech
  • GM-Zaphus
  • GM-griggle