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NT U-20 Oceania

NT U-21 Oceania

NT Oceania

Hattrick Country
Flag of Oceania
Coat of Arms of Oceania
Location of Oceania (link to Google map)
Wikipedia page
Currency Australian dollar (AU$)
100 AU$ = 50 US$
Time zone Hattrick Time +9
Continent: Oceania
Oceania HT Country
Asia, Africa and Oceania
Number of regions: 20
Current local season: 71
Number of teams:
(~ active)
2 728
(~1 150)
Level of series: 5
Top series name: The Pacific Premier
National cups: Oceanian Cup (main)
Oceania Emerald Cup (challenger)
Oceania Ruby Cup (challenger)
Oceania Sapphire Cup (challenger)
Oceania Consolation Cup (third tier)



  • Training: Friday at 04:00 HT-Time
  • Economy and Club: Saturday 00:10


  • Cup: Wednesday 04:00 HT-Time
  • Friendlies: Wednesday 04:00
  • League Games: Sunday 04:00


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Oceania (a continent not represented by any country in real life) is a "plurinational" country. It was the 13th nation to join the Hattrick World.

Geography.png Further information:
Both National Team Oceania and Guam play in Asia-Oceania continental competition.


  • An Australian league, created on May 2001 (global season 13), was rename from Australia to Oceania after the first season. The change was asked with a petition, started by local users that felt that Oceania better represented the region and that united it would be much stronger than as individual leagues.
That petition was successful and Australia was renamed to Oceania from local season 3 onwards.
  • As Hattrick grew, there have been numerous calls for the league to be split into its various member countries. There have even been referenda on the issue, none of them successful.
  • Local season 3, "NT Oceania" was created ranking Australia.
  • Oceania hosted U-20 World Cup II (global season 18). In that edition NT reached Round III.
  • Oceania hosted World Cup XXVII (global season 67), but did not qualified for the event.

Book of Records

Further information:
  • Local season 5: player Arthur Harris gets sent off in the quarter-final match of the first U-20 World Cup, but he managed to get back on the field for the final match.

    Will "bad boy" Arthur Harris aim for the legs or the ball this time? The answer is out there. Tonight. 8 PM HT-time.

from "Get ready for the final official HT Announcement"
  • Local season 13: coach Bayliss leaving halfway through his U-20 managerial term due to inactivity. Now a bayliss is referred to when a manager leaves halfway through his term.
  • Local season 25: Hover_ wins the U20 election without posting an election speech.
  • Local season 26: April Fool's Day prank promises to rename Oceania to Pacific Islands and create Australia and New Zealand.
  • Local season 35: player Angry Kirk was immortalized by the HT staff.
    Angry Kirk was the first ever player to receive a non-HT face
  • Season 37: Zambora passed away sometime in July 2012.
User Zambora was a well known manager in the Oceania HT community.
His presence within the Oceania community will be sorely missed.

International Trophies

Prize Shelf
  • 11/08/2006, Semi-finalist Bronze medal - WC 8
Coach: tigerTUFF in Germany (local season 17).
Coach: Sirfire in Germany (local season 5).

National Trophies

   Magnifier.png   Further information: Challenger Cups and Consolation Cup champions
Coat of Arms of Oceania.png SeasonTop LeagueNational Cup
63 Melbourne F.C. (1) Blakus Meerkats Athletic (2) Stanski
62 Bodily Harm (1) Blakus Meerkats Athletic (1) Stanski
61 Meerkats Athletic (1) Stanski Melbourne F.C. (2) shaperry
60 Waverley Hawks (4) andyhaggis Bodily Harm (1) Blakus
59 Mana Vikings (1) muligens Mana Vikings (1) muligens
58 Eager to Beaver (4) Gambittt Throrrskan (1) _cdm_
57 Eager to Beaver (3) Gambittt Eager to Beaver (2) Gambittt
56 Green Bay Gremlins (1) MetALECa NZ Kolding North (1) Nils_L
55 Eager to Beaver (2) Gambittt Clown Shoes FC (1) piegobbler
54 Eager to Beaver (1) Gambittt Eager to Beaver (1) Gambittt
53 Cotchin FC (4) Adam_F_Duritz Arms and Legs (1) armsandlegs
52 Mascot Musketeers (2) roel22 Mascot Musketeers (2) roel22
51 Hewish FC (2) dave3889 Pauldo Bay United (1) Paul_G
50 Cotchin FC (3) Adam_F_Duritz Candy (2) CandyPerfumesGirl
49 Hewish FC (1) dave3889 Ferocious Kiwis (2) zooter
48 Mascot Musketeers (1) roel22 Mascot Musketeers (1) roel22
47 Arms and Legs (1) armsandlegs Ferocious Kiwis (1) zooter
46 Candy (2) CandyPerfumesGirl Mofs Utd (2) Mofsta
45 Waverley Hawks (3) andyhaggis Mofs Utd (1) Mofsta
44 Waverley Hawks (2) andyhaggis Candy (1) CandyPerfumesGirl
43 cardiff tigers (1) royrogers Shire Megalomaniacs (1) Jebbyc
42 Candy (1) CandyPerfumesGirl Bondi 1893 (3) Drlot
41 Waverley Hawks (1) andyhaggis melbourne minotaurs (1) tiltraise
40 Bondi 1893 (4) Drlot Melbourne F.C. (1) shaperry
39 Bondi 1893 (3) Drlot Ringwood Jets (2) scootboy
38 Bondi 1893 (2) Drlot Waverley Hawks (2) andyhaggis
37 Cotchin FC (2) Adam_F_Duritz Dunedin City FC (1) roni_irani
36 Bamboozled Symphony (1) Akevious Seraph FC (1) BrettW
35 Cotchin FC (1) Adam_F_Duritz Ringwood Jets (1) scootboy
34 Heroes & Villains (2) ikarusOne NotMU (1) collinhack
33 Heroes & Villains (1) ikarusOne Goon Squad (1) Goon_Squad
32 Bondi 1893 (1) DrLot Catch 22 FC (1) jules_verne
31 Seagull Sam (2) davidgb Bondi 1893 (2) DrLot
30 Seagull Sam (1) davidgb YamahaDealerTeam (1) YamahaR1
29 Welfare Cheats (1) MiLK_MaN Bondi 1893 (1) DrLot
28 Olhausen United (3) Olhausen Waverley Hawks (1) andyhaggis
27 Olhausen United (2) Olhausen Grendal's Pirates (1) Utopiannz
26 Newcastle Knights (3) CD_Tester Waramanga Sea Eagles (1) xbrookieboy
25 Olhausen United (1) Olhausen Nobbys (1) baerbaer
24 The Liquid Poets (1) InSanity Chicken Little Utd (1) Hoodooguru
23 Newcastle Knights (2) CD_Tester South Hooligans (2) Sommers
22 South Hooligans (1) Sommers chelsea club de football (1) bainsy
21 FC Sudtirol Alto Adige (2) Faulcon Schlappekickerhausen (1) db18420
20 Newcastle Knights (1) CD_Tester FC Sudtirol Alto Adige (1) Faulcon
19 Metro FC (1) metro_fc Muse FC (1) DipiTy
18 Cobra Strikers (1) Warlocks Scooby FC (1) scoobyfc
17 Klinsmen United (4) icaje Scyb's Dream Team (1) -Scyb-
16 FC Sudtirol Alto Adige (1) Faulcon Woogs (1) Chris_Stone
15 Mulgrave United FC (1) Gryph FCM tigers (1) tigerTUFF
14 Sparker (1) Sparker tigers (1) Endika
13 Burnt Out Koalas FC (6) sirfire Sparker (3) Sparker
12 Burnt Out Koalas FC (5) sirfire South Hooligans (1) Sommers
11 Burnt Out Koalas FC (4) sirfire Sparker (2) Sparker
10 Burnt Out Koalas FC (3) sirfire Burnt Out Koalas FC (2) sirfire
9 Klinsmen United (3) icaje Cobra Strikers (1) Warlocks
8 Klinsmen United (2) icaje Sparker (1) Sparker
7 The PurpleMages (1) Glumphette The PurpleMages (3) Glumphette
6 Burnt Out Koalas FC (2) sirfire The PurpleMages (2) Glumphette
5 Klinsmen United (1) icaje Burnt Out Koalas FC (1) sirfire
4 Burnt Out Koalas FC (1) sirfire The PurpleMages (1) Glumphette
3 The Torps (2) Zaphus The Torps Zaphus (1)
2 The Torps (1) Zaphus Clayminators (1) Kelthorn
1 Sydney Skunks (1) (bot) Tasmania Tamarinds (1) (bot)

The Double

The double means to win the league's top tier division and its main cup competition in the same season.

Team Name Victories Season(s)
Mascot Musketeers 2 48,52
Eager to Beaver 2 54,57
The Torps 1 3
The PurpleMages 1 7
Burnt Out Koalas FC 1 10
Mana Vikings 1 59


The history of Oceanian managers and the key events can be summed up by this brief excerpt from collinhack:

Keywords: (Oceanian Manager History)
From: collinhack (12014712.329) as reply to (12014712.328)
To: GM-DrKeps 16/10/2008 at 09:05

In the beginning Collin Hack was pulled from form and void.

But Bayliss liked not what was wrought on the face of Oceania

And he turned a blind eye, until he was smote by the pitchfork of righteousness

And was left to wander in the wilderness for 40 weeks and 40 youth pulls

Never to take the name again.

Sirfire was the greatest of the Oceanites.

And he argues with the pharisees and spake thus:

"Sommers has ruined his team and I shall prove that CA is verily a tactic that does not suckketh. And that my wife was driving the car."

But he killed the prodigal YP when the Fatted Sommers returned.

Placebo said "If your Nat team offends thee, pluck it out and use a 4SP"

Collin Hack said "If you covet the adultery of your neighbour's wife, then shalt you implement a 10SP"

Talbourne sayeth "Why bother with all that malarkey. Stick to what we have."

Thus it was that Collin Hack supported the 4SP, Placebo the 10SP and Talbourne had a bob each way. And there was much confusion.

Before the Oceanites had survived the passover of Bayliss, there was much shonkery with purple mages and GM powers that man was not meant to know. But all knew that kitto's beard was the source of his strength, so when it was shaven off he lost in the first round of the cup and thus did hoodooguru slay collinhack and xbrookieboy to win the Oceanian Cup. Although not even God knows how.

Placebo begat LA-Rob. LA-Rob begat HPotter. HPotter begat -anonymous-. -anonymous begat -troll-. Sunners begat just about everything, as did ladyboy.

And there was much rejoicing.


Current Officers:     Former Officers:


   Magnifier.png   Further information: Oceania Mentors

After a number of seasons of discussions that led nowhere, an Oceanian mentoring scheme has been started for new users and based on Scotland's. The scheme has got off to a flying start and hopefully will make a positive impact on new players.


   Magnifier.png   Further information: List of Federations


   Magnifier.png   Further information: Oceania National Champion

, unofficial "king of the hill" tournament

Regions of Oceania Oceania

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