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NT U-20 Oceania

NT U-21 Oceania

NT Oceania

Hattrick Country
Flag of Oceania
Location of Oceania (link to Google map)
Wikipedia page
Currency AU$
100 AU$ = 50 US$
Time zone Hattrick Time
Continent: [[Oceania]]
Oceania HT Country
[[Asia, Africa and Oceania]]
Number of regions: 20
Current local season: 21
Number of teams:
(~ active)
10920 (active ~4700)
Level of series: 6
Top series name: The Pacific Premier
National cups: Oceanian Cup (main)
Oceania Emerald Cup (challenger)
Oceania Ruby Cup (challenger)
Oceania Sapphire Cup (challenger)
Oceania Consolation Cup (third tier)
National teams


Why Oceania?

Oceania started off as Australia in Season 2. After a season, a petition was started to rename Australia to Oceania. It was felt that Oceania better represented the region and that united it would be much stronger than as individual leagues. That petition was successful and Australia was renamed to Oceania from Season 3 onwards. As Hattrick grew, there have been numerous calls for the league to be split into its various member countries. There have even been referenda on the issue, none of them successful. The people of Oceania believe they have a unique community which would be destroyed if the leagues were separated. The HT-Gods have gone on record to say that Oceania will not be split.

Famous Moments

Infamous Moments

  • Season 5: Arthur Harris gets sent off in the quarter-final match of the first U-20 World Cup.
  • Season ?: Bayliss leaving halfway through his U20 managerial term. Now a bayliss is referred to when a manager leaves halfway through his term.

Oceanian staff

Former staff:

Oceanian Mentoring Scheme

After a number of seasons of discussions that led nowhere, a mentoring scheme based on Scotland's has been started for new Oceanian users. The scheme was started by Kitto on 22nd August 2007 with the following announcement in the Oceania conferences.

There has been talk of it for a while, and given the drop in Oceanian players 
(from (websec.science.uva.nl/~lhoek/maptrick.php?leagueid=15&action=0)), I think it's time.

Time to unleash mentoring upon the new Oceanian players!

We all remember our first few games. It all seemed a bit confusing. I'm sure most people can recall
times where they've lost training, lost games against bots (or division six cup opponents...), 
or just generally seemed lost amongst the beauty that is hattrick. HT-Johan recently said that 
50% of people leave within the first two months of joining, so it's crucial we reach these people.

The plan:

I'm happy to take on board suggestions on how to run this. First of all I'll ask for mentors
 - please post if you are able to assist. I see mentoring as being in two parts:

a) simple mentoring. Things like assisting with the Manager License Challenge ((wiki.hattrick.org/Manager_License)),
 setting up a training scheme, coaching, getting the economy right, basic first few months stuff.

b) indepth mentoring. Getting down to tactics, what skills what influence what sector ratings, 
scouting opponents and the match engine.

You may find that some things intersect.

There are a lot of new players. Each month, I'll take the list from (alltid.org/country/oceania/startdate,8_2007/index/). 
I'm not actually sure how often this is updated, hopefully at least every month. As you can see, there are 200 new teams 
started just this month, so it's a massive task. I would only recommend (depending on how much time you have) 3 or 4 teams 
per mentor. I'll split up the list and assign teams through this thread.


Send a HT mail to your assigned team. Understand that some may refuse help, some may be frightened 
why some random team has messaged them, and some will eagerly accept.

Introduce yourself, introduce the mentoring system, give them yourself and the Questions conference 
as a reference for any questions they have about the game. Then take it from there. Let me know when 
you are ready to take on new teams.

As I said before, I'm happy to accept suggestions as to how to actually do this, but this method has been 
tried and tested in Scotland... they have a fair few less new starters though.

I'm guessing we'll get maybe 15 mentors, which will be a fantastic result. 200 new teams per 15 mentors 
is a big stretch, so some teams will unfortunately miss out. Any ideas on this?

I'll put my hand up to mentor, and to run this program. Any other helpers?

The scheme has got off to a flying start and hopefully will make a positive impact on new players.

Some resources for mentors can be found at the Oceania Mentors page.

League champions

Season Team Name Manager Name
22 South Hooligans Sommers
21 FC Sudtirol Alto Adige Faulcon
20 Newcastle Knights CD_Tester
19 Metro FC metro_fc
18 Cobra Strikers Warlocks
17 Klinsmen United icaje
16 FC Sudtirol Alto Adige Faulcon
15 Mulgrave United FC Gryph
14 Sparker Sparker
13 Burnt Out Koalas FC sirfire
12 Burnt Out Koalas FC sirfire
11 Burnt Out Koalas FC sirfire
10 Burnt Out Koalas FC sirfire
9 Klinsmen United icaje
8 Klinsmen United icaje
7 The PurpleMages Glumphette
6 Burnt Out Koalas FC sirfire
5 Klinsmen United icaje
4 Burnt Out Koalas FC sirfire
3 The Torps Zaphus
2 The Torps Zaphus
1 Sydney Skunks (Bot) Unknown

Oceanian Cup champions

Season Team Name Manager Name
21 Schlappekickerhausen db18420
20 FC Sudtirol Alto Adige Faulcon
19 Muse FC DipiTy
18 Scooby FC scoobyfc
17 Scyb's Dream Team -Scyb-
16 Woogs Chris_Stone
15 FCM tigers tigerTUFF
14 tigers Endika
13 Sparker Sparker
12 South Hooligans Sommers
11 Sparker Sparker
10 Burnt Out Koalas FC sirfire
9 Cobra Strikers Warlocks
8 Sparker Sparker
7 The PurpleMages Glumphette
6 The PurpleMages Glumphette
5 Burnt Out Koalas FC sirfire
4 The PurpleMages Glumphette
3 The Torps Zaphus
2 Clayminators Kelthorn
1 Tasmania Tamarinds (Bot) Unknown

National Teams

National Team Coaches

World Cup Manager
World Cup X jazza59
World Cup X CHPP-Trixibelle
World Cup IX tigerTUFF
World Cup VIII tigerTUFF
World Cup VII Mod-LeviTate
World Cup VI omailes
World Cup V Infinious
World Cup IV Infinious
World Cup III Sirfire
World Cup II Zaph
World Cup I Zaph

U-20 Team Coaches

World Cup Manager
U-20 World Cup X Mod-Kitto
U-20 World Cup IX roni_irani
U-20 World Cup VIII Sweetspot
U-20 World Cup VII nolongerhome
U-20 World Cup VI Bayliss
U-20 World Cup V Unknown
U-20 World Cup IV Unknown
U-20 World Cup III Unknown
U-20 World Cup II Unknown
U-20 World Cup I Unknown



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