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This page contains some information about the Mentoring program recently started in Oceania.

Rules for Mentors

This program is entirely voluntary from both Mentors and Mentees.

Hattrick appreciates the work you are all doing, and I ask that you ensure that you treat the people you contact with the utmost respect.

Some people will not want to take on a mentor, and if that is the case, please let them go and ask Kitto for a new opportunity. For those that respond positively, then please ensure that your behaviour is OK with the Hattrick rules.

For example:

  • It is not allowed to log into someone elses team
  • It is not allowed to have your mentee bid on your players for above market prices (in fact - discourage any transfer activity between yourselves and any Hattrick friends they have).
  • It is OK to talk tactics and devise the "in game" downfall of other users.
  • It would be appreciated if you could teach your Mentees the rules of the conferences as well as the in game intricacies.

Sample HT-mail messages

Hi, I am an Oceanian user who has been playing this game for a while. If you would like, I can give you some tips on hattrick and ensure you get off to the best start possible.

Well, first off, make sure you don't waste your precious starting money. Thats means no youth academy, no stadium upgrades, and no expensive older players. We want to set your team up for long term success.

That means a training program, where we buy players, train them to superstars, and sell for huge profits to help your team long term. Would you like to know how to do this?

For a training program you're looking for some young players to train into superstars.

A trainee must play during the week, in a midweek game or a league match. Players who play as defenders can train their defending. Players who play in the midfield can train their playmaking. Players who play up front can train as forwards. Keepers who play train in keeper. I train forward. So to start with, you need to choose one position which takes your fancy (defender is typically hardest).

For a coach, go to the training menu and click "change coach" then "external recruiting" (internal recruiting is using a current players to become coach, this does not work for new players).

For a coach, only his training skill and leadership matter. But trainer skill is much more important, and leadership can be very expensive (millions of dollars). So if I was you, Id go for a passable coach with poor leadership, great coach + good value for money.

Wiki references

Manager License Challenge: As some mentors may not be familiar with the new Manager License challenge, which introduces newer players to hattrick, please read this page.

Training: This page has a list of the pros and cons of each training scheme, plus estimated training speeds.

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