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The off-season takes place for two weeks at the end of a Hattrick season with its 14 league matches. It is a special period since most people will have only one game a week (except if they play a qualifier), creating difficulties for the training regime because only half of the trainees can train. Many users choose to temporarily change their training type to less regular ones that train more people, such as set pieces training.


Schedule for the off-season between global season 37 and 38:

Day Date Event(s)
Saturday, Sunday, Monday 10th-12th of January 2009 Last match of the season
Money for top scorers
The opponents in qualifier matches are determined
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 13th-15th of January 2009 Cup matches in some countries
Regular friendlies
Thursday, Friday 15th-16th of January 2009 Training
Saturday, Sunday, Monday 17th-19th of January 2009 Qualifiers
Promotion money
Fees payed by your fans
+10% fans for promoted teams
-10% fans for demoted teams
Medals show up (only for Hattrick Supporters)
Monday 19th of January 2009 Season break for the Youth leagues starts (till 25th of January 2009)
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 20th-22nd January 2009 Regular friendlies
Cup draw is made
Thursday, Friday 22nd-23rd of January 2009 Training
Saturday, Sunday, Monday 24th-26th of January 2009 Reset of team spirit, confidence, supporter mood (not completely), sponsors' mood
No league games
Monday 26th of January 2009 Red/Yellow cards are removed
Match schedule for the new season is created
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 27th-29th of January 2009 Cup matches
Regular friendlies
Thursday, Friday 29th-30th of January 2009 Training
Saturday, Sunday, Monday 31st of January 2009 to 2nd of February 2009 First match of the season