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Oman Federation (OF) (74844)
Oman Federation
Chief Officer GM-Assim
Founding date 25-06-2008
Members 19 (on 13-05-2009)
Languages English

Oman Federation is a private place strictly limited for the use of the NT/U20 staff of Oman regarding the team, match tactics, etc. I think that's more than normal. We use the federation to facilitate close communication. If you're not part of the staff, don't expect to be part of the federation. Simple.

People who think that making some predictions about some league matches, throwing an occasional comment after the results from the NT matches are known and eventually applying for NT coach with some vague platform consisting of "I can make this NT better", are a nice addition to the community, but not really part of NT Oman. Tough but true. There are other ways to earn the respect and trust of the community than throwing a tantrum every time someone doesn't like something.


The federation started when Assim thought of a few ways to improve Oman in Hattrick. On the 25th of June 2008, Assim founded the federation so that it can be a private place for the Omani users and NT/U20 staff along with a few trusted users who will be allowed to join the federation.

The federation was successful as it gave us a good platform to discuss matches, tactics, and also everything about making Oman, and it's NTs better in a good and private way.

Members of the Board

President: GM-Assim