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Oregon is a region in the USA. There are currently (as of 2006 March 20th) 166 users in Oregon.

Flag of Oregon
Location of Oregon
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Continent: North America
Zone: North America
Country:  USA
Latitude: 42°N to 46°15'N
(44°57' N)
Longitude: 116°45'W to 124°30'W
(123°01' W)
Number of teams: 167
Time zone: -9
updated 2006-02-23

Top Teams in Oregon

Highest Ranked Teams in Oregon

  1. Team Dank - 6th in II.2 (managed by FryDog)
  2. Evil Beavers - 7th in II.2
  3. zyzzerz - 8th in III.16
  4. Reseda Rollergirls - 1st in IV.5
  5. GoDucks - 1st in IV.11
  6. Wankers FC - 1st in IV.25
  7. Black Reign - 1st in IV.31
  8. NLR - 1st in IV.1
  9. FC Pain Cave - 2nd in IV.29
  10. Flying Rhinos - 3rd in IV.47

(last updated 2006 March 20th)