Owen 'Gnomo' O'Connell

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Personal Information
Full name Owen O'Connell
Nickname Gnomo
Country  Ireland
Position Forward
Speciality Spec5Head.png Head
Club Information
Current club Retired
Senior Clubs
Global Seasons Team GP (goals)
Republic of Ireland FC Wygwizdów _2_(0)
Italy Any Given Sunday _1_(1)
Italy U.S. Irpinia _171_(63)

Owen 'Gnomo' O'Connell.png

Owen 'Gnomo' O'Connell (291453495) was an Irish player of U.S. Irpinia. Now he is in the Hall of Fame of the team.




  • O'Connell was 7 times the seasonal top scorer of U.S. Irpinia.
  • O'Connell scored the U.S. Irpinia's 400th official goal.
  • O'Connell scored the U.S. Irpinia's 700th official goal.