Pablo Hernan Caballero

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Pablo Hernan Caballero (116473852)
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Personal Information
Full name Pablo Hernan Caballero
Nickname Caballero
Age63 years and 3 days
Country  Colombia
Current team Retired
Senior Career
Seasons (Global)TeamAppearances(Goals)
17 (29) - 18 (30)Colombia Independiente No Way José0(0)
19 (31)Peru Calatasaray6(1)
20 (31) - 22 (33)Netherlands Die Zahnärzte6(0)
33 (33) - 35 (35)Finland futismasterit11(2)
22 (35) - 24 (37)Belgium De miereneukers26(6)
25 (37) - 37 (49)Spain Arepa Pepa139(33)

Appearances and goals counted for competitive matches only.

Pablo Hernan Caballero is a retired Hattrick Colombian player, who played as a winger.


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  • 1  Finland V.173: Season 33 (33)

De miereneukers

Arepa Pepa

Players of Arepa Pepa
Coaches Mats Andersson · Juan Camilo Campos
Original Squad Alejandro Cabanilla · Àlex Gómez
Transfers Pablo Hernan Caballero · Carlos Manuel Céspedes · Diego Javier Jacanamijoy · Adrián Neiza · Jerónimo Palacios · Horacio Santos · Edwin Tierradentro
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