Pau Gerpe

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Pau Gerpe
Información personal
Full Name Pau 'La Rompe' Gerpe
Age Unknown
Nickname La rompe
Country Chile Chile
Player ID (10634837)
Position Forward
Number 9
Current Club N/A
Club del debut
Season ? Chile Sión
Último club
Season ? Chile High Templers
Selección Nacional
Chile U-20 and Chile National Team

Pau 'La Rompe' Gerpe was one of the top scorers in Hattrick. It is rumored that he reached 511 goals.


Pau Gerpe was a player who was promoted from the youth team of Sión, and was trained by this team to Titanic Scoring.

Gerpe was called up to the Chile U-20 side, but most of the players were better than him. He ultimately played one match.

Gerpe continued playing for Sión and went on to become one of the highest scorers worldwide. This led him to become an icon in Chile for many users who expect to see Gerpe being the number 1 top scorer in the HT world..

Sion converted into a bot team after the team owner stopped playing Hattrick. Many Hattrick users campaigned to have him restored..



Pau Gerpe was pulled on March 30, 2003.

He first played when he was 17 years in III.3 when Chile was still emerging after being created not too long before, winning the title in that league, top scorer in his first year as a professional player, marking this as precedent for his great career with nothing more and no less than 24 goals.

Gerpe caught the attention of the Chile U-20 manager and was called up when he was 19. This was met with complaints from many users who felt more technically sound players deserved to play up front.

Pau Gerpe was starting to make a name for himself, garnering the attention of many users worldwide. As time went by, Gerpe was establishing himself as a prolific goalscorer and one of the top goalscorers worldwide.

Player Data


Club Season
Temporary Team
IEK Sølkerbæk
High Templars

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