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Petacciato is an italian club. It was born in 2007, during season 33.

The coach is Roberto Palatella, an excellent defender, who had played in the middle of Petacciato's defense. The stadium is "Amici di Emergency" arena, with 14000 sits. The name remember Emergency, an NGO and ONLUS humanitarian organization which was born in Milan in 1994 to provides free, high quality medical and surgical treatment to the civilian victims of war, landmines and poverty.

The beginning- SEASON 33

On the half of the season, Petacciato arrived in IX.1925 series. The minimum target was to save. It wasn't too difficult and the young Palatella, with his teammates, obtained to stay in the series for the next season. A 23 years old Gacan Ristani, immediately pleased to Petacciato's fans. Week by week, he became one of the heroes of this team.

Season33 Petacciato.png

The confirmation - SEASONS 34-35

Season 34 started badly: in few minutes, Super Juventude won against Petacciato, after the double advantage by Langiu and Ristani. The match ended 3-2. It was crucial at the end of the season, in the round trip: Petacciato won all matches since the 8th to the 13th. An incredible second place was there. The last round was at "Amici di Emergency" arena, just against Super Juventude. A victory could be an arithmetic promotion in superior series... but dreams were destroyed by J. Nervo, although the 73% of ball possession in Petacciato favor. Ranking said "4th place". It was better than 33rd season, but...

Season34 Petacciato.png

Petacciato grew, TSI grew. In few weeks, coach and players were ready to try to obtain the 8th series. In the first match, with a fantastic 1-6, Petacciato defeated Super Juventude, the same strong team of other seasons. A good start! But after 4 consecutive victories, the match against Frattaglia was a home collapse. 0-3, nothing to say. Frattaglia and Cice (another very strong team), monopolized the IX.1925 series. Petacciato obtained 27 points, one less than 34th season, but sufficient to reach the 3rd position.

Season35 Petacciato.png

Historic promotion - SEASON 36

With promotions and relegations from 10th and 9th series, in IX.1925 series arrived I Cuoricini, San Giorgio fc, ASS Vaprolano, Atletico Crostino. The first formation and the second one, were very strong and the season for Petacciato seemed difficult like the last one. The first match with Bambinodoro FC (Petacciato won 2-0) was commonplace. On the 2nd one, Petacciato had to play against I Cuoricini, on their stadium. Langiu, Circassi, Urner: it meant 0-3! Incredible! About 30% of ball possession only and a great victory. The new entry, Circassi, immediately showed his big potential. On the 3rd week, Petacciato won easily against ASS Vaprolano (5-0). Than, they waited for San Giorgio fc. But a strong team were waiting them. It was 3-0 on final time. These defeat didn't discourage Petacciato which won 5 times on the next 6 matches and drawed with FC Genoa. On 11th week, Petacciato hosted San Giorgio fc: the showdown can start!

Season36 Petacciato.png

Season36 Petacciato-San Giorgio.png

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