Peter Elmheden

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Peter Elmheden as hattrick action figure. The Swedish text says "Sold complete with light saber and howering football. Not suitable for children."

Peter Elmheden (87155) started his hattrick days in Kungens IF and was sold to Ormestorp where he was trained to become one of the best inner midfielders in the game. Season 7 he was sold to Sunne IK in Allsvenskan for 22 million SEK, which was a fantasy sum at that time. Sunne IK with Peter Elmheden as their team captain dominated Allsvenskan winning four seasons in a row. In season 11 he was sold to Baloo BK, then to EM Tigers, but ended up in Starwars during season 12 as part of a trade. Peter played for Starwars for 8 seasons, before being sold to Rattboys Slim for 91 800 000 SEK. There he later became a coach.

Peter Elmheden was the first player to pop from supernatural to divine during the time when there were only 15 denominations. He was also the first player to become a real superstar internationally when he became the first team captain of the Swedish national team. As an inner midfielder with extraterrestrial playmaking, solid passing and divine experience he was a key player leading his team to World Cup gold twice. After winning the first and second World Cup, Peter retired from the national team for the benefit of younger players.

When it became possible for players to become coaches, it didn't take long before Peter returned to Team Sweden as a coach.