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A supporter feature that visualizes players by giving them a face, making them easier to recognize and giving a sence of personality. Player faces are only visible for supporters.

These faces are created randomly based on nationality. Mediterranean players for instance tend to have a darker skincolor and black hair, while Scandinavian players are pale and often have blonde or ginger hair. Minority groups are also taken into consideration. There are France players with a Northafrican appearance that speak Tunisian and Swedish black players speaking South African Tribal.

Faces are build up by overlapping pictures of:

a standard background  Face background.jpg  Face background.jpg
a head with hair  Face head 2.jpg  Face head 4.jpg
a set of eyes Face eyes 2.jpg Face eyes 4.jpg
a nose Face nose 1.jpg Face nose 4.jpg
a mouth with possibly a moustache or beard Face mouth 1.jpg Face mouth 4.jpg
together making up a complete face  Face example.jpg  Face example 4.jpg

Gallery of face attributes

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