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A supporter feature that visualizes players by giving them a face, making them easier to recognize and giving a sence of personality. Player faces are only visible for supporters.

These faces are created randomly based on nationality. Mediterranean players for instance tend to have a darker skin color and black hair, while Scandinavian players are pale and often have blonde or ginger hair. Minority groups are also taken into consideration. There are French players with a North African appearance that speak Tunisian and Swedish black players speaking South African Tribal. Some English players are of an Asian appearance and speak Hindi.

Faces are build up by overlapping pictures of:

a standard background  Face background.jpg  Face background.jpg
a head with hair  Face head 2.jpg  Face head 4.jpg
a set of eyes Face eyes 2.jpg Face eyes 4.jpg
a nose Face nose 1.jpg Face nose 4.jpg
a mouth with possibly a moustache or beard Face mouth 1.jpg Face mouth 4.jpg
together making up a complete face  Face example.jpg  Face example 4.jpg

Gallery of face attributes

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