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Examples of player faces
Himi weaver.png
Adam Wala.png
Adolfo Rodríguez (130407538).png
Herbert Borch.jpg
Lennart Christiansson (133425122).png

With faces the game visually helps to have a more immediate approach with players, making them easier to recognize and giving them a human resemblance that shows a distinct personality.

For long time player faces can be seen by supporter only. Before Hattrick site restyling, faces were smaller, squared and less cartoonish.By paying extra credits, each player's face can be shaped and modified. The manager also has an avatar that can only be created and shown with supporter's features.

Face Generation

Like anything on the site, all face elements are designed and created by the illustrator Beach.

The face is generated randomly mixing basic elements based on the player's personality and nationality: "skin" for Mediterranean players, for example, are darker on average and their hair is black, while the Scandinavian players have lighter skin and their hair is often blonde or ginger.

The system also takes into account the minorities of the various countries: many French players have a North African appearance; some English players are of an Asian appearance and speak Hindi. There are players with a North African appearance that speak Tunisian and Swedish black players speaking South African Tribal

Faces are build up overlapping basic graphic elements
Body (with clothes)
Goatie or moustache
New Face example.png
Together making up
a complete face

Extra Elements
Home player
"Foreign legionnaire"
Home player in the Hall of Fame
Foreign player in the Hall of Fame
Damaged, but still playing
Seriously injured
Bid expiring in 2 or more days
not used
Bids expiring between 24 and 48 hours
not used
Bid expiring within 24 hours
not used

More Hair Gallery
Kuki ze.png
158276155 Hagelstedt.png
294772947 Amoskov.png
44169534 Skrzela.png
Sven akerblad.png

Unordinary Faces

Bodyless.jpg In some cases and due to a bug, the players shirt disappear when the team jersey is deleted (leaving the entire upper body empty).
Halfeye.jpg If you choose a female manager, you can find a one-eyed element with an obviously angry mood.
Stefan Åkergren, Hattrick's first 100-year-old player received a unique picture for his birthday.

"Pixel Art" Faces (2001-2008)

Gutierrez.jpg Vykaslal.jpg Campienello.jpg Lafuente.jpg Adrians kaulainis.png Henrihs Kacens.png

Faces style before 2008
Easter egg Bob Sunesson

Illustrator Beach also created very appreciated "pixel art" faces (a bit dated in terms of style and then discharged for a more cartoonish, style). Pixel art faces were all so similar and so little modifiable that ended up giving the impression that there were very few variants in players.

Again, faces were build up by overlapping pictures - Here are two different examples
A standard background  Face background.jpg  Face background.jpg
A head with hair  Face head 2.jpg  Face head 4.jpg
A set of eyes Face eyes 2.jpg Face eyes 4.jpg
A nose Face nose 1.jpg Face nose 4.jpg
A mouth with possibly a moustache or beard Face mouth 1.jpg Face mouth 4.jpg
Together making up a complete face  Face example.jpg  Face example 4.jpg

Optional New Faces (2020)

Faces style after 2020
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