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Every team in Hattrick consists of virtual football players, in a number between minimum 9 and maximum 50.[1]
The manager chooses the players, pulling them from youth squad or buying them from transfer market. He/she also sets a formation for each match with 11 of these players (10 outfielders and 1 keeper) and 7 extra substitutes (a keeper, a defender, a wingback, a midfielder, a forward, a winger as well as an extra substitute).

A player has got an individual name and ID, along with its current age, and is made up of assorted skills, personality, form, experience and specialties. He'll also have an ideal position, but you'll need to work that out yourself through ratings achieved by each player during matches.


In addition to having a specific face, each player is equipped with numerous attributes.

Main abilities

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Each player has 8 basic skills which are: Stamina, Goalkeeping, Playmaking, Passing, Wing, Defending, Scoring, Set pieces.

Other characteristics related to skill and performance are:

Total Skill Index
TSI is a measurement of how skilled a player is; TSI increases with training and can also increase (and decrease) with form.
Form is one of the most important characteristics for any player, determining how well he is able to use his skills. You'll note that a good player who is out of form will often be outperformed by a not so good player at the top of his game.
Some players may not have the greatest abilities, but their knowledge of the game more than makes up for it. Thus, old and experienced players often play much better than their younger, greener colleagues.
Players with high loyalty to the club perform better on the pitch. Loyalty increases with time spent at the club.

Other attributes

Additional factors may not affect player's performance directly, but they provide depth to the character and in some very special cases they make something happen.

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Another attribute of all players is the current age. One HT-year is 112 days.

As effect of player age, skill drops can happen weekly:

  • regardless the age will occur for highly trained skills (titanic and more);
  • an extra age drop will occur for the 28yo+ players.
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The player’s wage is updated only when he changes his age (at 0 days) and reflects his skills and his age at that time.

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Some of the players in Hattrick may have specialties that differentiate them from other players. A player may have only one specialty among quick, technical, powerful, head, unpredictable, resilient, support, and no more.

Player's specialties are also affected by the weather, for example a Quick player will not play as well as he could in wet and rainy conditions.

NT player example (Italian language) with personality highlighted by foxtrick

Finally, a player also has four personality characteristics:

  • leadership,
  • agreeability,
  • honesty,
  • aggressiveness.

Players lacking in experience will tend to be booked more often when they are also highly aggressive and dishonest.


During a player's life, some events occur that do not change the abilities, but that mark a particular moment or affect a single match. Sometimes a player isn't able to play...

Cards and Suspension
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Players may get cards or be sent off during games and bookings and sending-offs during competitive games eventually lead to a suspensions. Highly aggressive players, especially if they're also dishonest, tend to be booked more often than other players.

Whilst a player can receive cards during friendly matches, they have no other effects than those seen during the game. Players who are sent off still receive credit for appearing in the match for training purposes, but only for the minutes he had played (he may eventually need to play more minutes in the midweek friendly match if he was sent off in a league match).

A player will be suspended for the next (competitive, cup or league) match if:

  • he receives two bookings during a match will automatically leading to the player being sent off.
  • he has accumulated 3 bookings during a season.

This is shown by a red card symbol on the player page. You can also see how many yellow cards have been received so far.

At the end of the season all cards are cleared.

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Sometimes players set on field get injuries and there is nothing you can do about it. Long time injuried players low their form and TSI; however a bruised player can still play, giving a lower contribution than his skills.

Memorable moments
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Memorable moments are benchmark events in a player's career, such as the day that he was promoted from a team's youth squad. The list of a player's memorable moments can be accessed from a link from their player page.

NT players

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A player can be selected for National Team if he is considered to be one of the best of his country by the NT coach. Every country holds two squad: the senior NT and the U-20 NT.


   Find similar.png   Main article: Retirement

Players do not voluntarily retire from Hattrick. They always assume that they can continue to play and be useful to the club!

When a player's skills have declined so much so that he can't be converted to coach or he is of no further use to the club or he is of no value as a transfer (or when a player suffers a career-ending injury), he may be fired or retired to the club's Hall of Fame. Occasionally, a fired player will be recycled as an externally-recruited coach for other teams. Otherwise, a fired player is not remembered by name — if you attempt to visit his page, you will find only an impersonal note about where the player was last seen.

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  1. ^  On 26/11/2008 the Hattrick Football Association announced that the maximum number of players allowed in a team is 50. Previously it was possible to exceed this number with various ill effects on the team (for example, the 51st player and the later bought ones are not shown in player list and had to be searched by ID).