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This type of training will train the skill Playmaking for Inner Midfielders and wingers (half rate). Midfield is considered the most important part of your team, so improving that is a good idea. This is the most popular training regime, as 31% of Hattrick managers train Playmaking.


  • Probably the best overall training type, especially in lower divisions
  • You train 10 players (though 4 at half speed), which is the most after defending training.
  • A fast way of building an effective team, as midfield is the most important area in hattrick.
  • Allows flexibility in your style of play, through clever use of secondary skills.
  • Since playmakers are in high demand, this might make you a lot of money.


  • You need 10 trainees, so start-up costs may be high.
  • When beginning this regime, your midfield rating might be very low if you've chosen to train midfielders with either lower stamina or playmaking.
  • You cannot play the same midfield in league and cup matches and still train at maximum efficiency, which can limit your chances in one or the other.
  • You need to either buy trainees with high stamina, or increase the stamina share of training, because playmaking skill is diminished if a player doesn't have excellent stamina.
  • Everybody else is doing it. Do you want to follow the herd?