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== [[Puchar Polski]] champions ==
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NT U-20 Poland

NT U-21 Poland

NT Poland

Hattrick Country
Location of Poland (link to Google map)
Wikipedia page
100 zł = 25 US$
Time zone Hattrick Time
Continent: [[Europe]]
Poland HT Country
[[Central Europe]]
Number of regions: 20
Current local season: 20
Number of teams:
(~ active)
84648 (active ~45000)
Level of series: 10
Top series name: Ekstraklasa
National cups: Puchar Polski (main)
Polska Emerald Cup (challenger)
Polska Ruby Cup (challenger)
Polska Sapphire Cup (challenger)
Polska Consolation Cup (third tier)
National teams


The first team in Poland formed heinzo from Danmark, who had a family in Poland. His team Legia Gdańsk won the Polish Cup and was League Champion. Heinzo decided to leave Hattrick after 5 seasons and the first Polish manager in HT became Bobbie. He was U20 coach, but a week later he was banned.

On 20.05.2002 jerzy, manager of the best Polish team Dziobaki and kOsToR formed the first "big" Polish federation - Miszcze i Basta (MiB).

First member of the Polish Staff was SpaWn_ who became Mod and GM.

At World Cup II Poland lost the final match against Sweden and won the Silver Medal. NT-Coach was Spawn. It's the biggest succes of the Polish National Team. At U-20 WC III the Polish U-20 Team won Silver Medal. România won the match against Poland after long penalty shoot-out. In the semi-finals Poland won against Österreich. The coach of the U-20 team was kOsToR.

Polska was extended to ten levels before the beginning of national season 21.


Polish staff

Former staff:

Ekstraklasa champions

Season Team Name Manager Name
20 Parma A.C. tardini
19 Smoothasy Emdzej
18 Zaglebie Lubin HT Barthezz_PL
17 Smoothasy Emdzej
16 Dziobaki jerzy
15 Bezrzecze Lords Andriu
14 Dziobaki jerzy
13 Dziobaki jerzy
12 Dziobaki jerzy
11 Petrochemia pc_pl
10 driazz maciek
9 Wisła Kraków Bilu07
8 Dziobaki jerzy
7 Dziobaki jerzy
6 Dziobaki jerzy
5 Podhale marre21
4 Twisters[1] nuggin
3 Legia Gdansk heinzo
2 Gdynia (Bot) Unknown
1 Swinoujscie (Bot) Unknown

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Season Team Name Manager Name
20 Nasty Chicks and Connoisseur of Bad Taste Juras
19 Romasz Romajack
18 Flakony maroc2
17 Leśne Dziadki PIOTREK6660
16 bzykacze makus
15 FC Gruders gruda
14 Karpaty Krosno LA-thomasik_pg
13 Karpaty Krosno LA-thomasik_pg
12 Dziobaki jerzy
11 -Tornado- Arexx
10 High Speed Chase Zandrex
9 MKS Narew Ostroleka Bzyczek
8 MKS Narew Ostroleka Bzyczek
7 Rude Boyz rutboj
6 Ullandia Patryk
5 Dziobaki jerzy
4 Legia Warszawa SpaWn_
3 Twisters nuggin
2 Legia Gdansk heinzo
1 Torun (Bot)[2] Unknown
1 Katowice (Bot) Unknown

National Teams

National Team Coaches

World Cup Manager
World Cup X Andriu
World Cup IX cube_
World Cup VIII Cagliostro
World Cup VII cube_
World Cup VI cube_
World Cup V havay
World Cup IV jerzy
World Cup III SpaWn_
World Cup II SpaWn_
World Cup I SpaWn_

U-20 Team Coaches

World Cup Manager
U-20 World Cup IX Nighter
U-20 World Cup VIII _DarK_
U-20 World Cup VII Happy_Fellow
U-20 World Cup VI Bukkake_
U-20 World Cup V Zandrex
U-20 World Cup IV kajet_balb
U-20 World Cup III kOsToR
U-20 World Cup II Cagliostro
U-20 World Cup I lhp_pg


  1. ^  Beta Team of Hattrick Team.
  2. ^  The semi final was the last round of the cup. Therefore two bot teams can claim the victory for that season.

Regions of Polska Poland

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