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The Prize shelf is one of the additional team page features for supporters. Here you can find all Hattrick Prizes you have won with your team. When you have installed Foxtrick you have the option to change the medal set shown, an example is the Arwins medal set.

The lists below contains the throphies and their meaning:

Club trophies

  • Masters.gif Hattrick Masters Winner
  • Goldenboot.gif Hattrick Masters Golden Boot (topscorer?)
  • Trofe-01-new.gif Cup Winner
  • Trofe-02-new.gif National Champion
  • P1 purple-new.gif Winner of a Top Division
  • P1 blue-new.gif Winner of a division II series (division I in Sweden)
  • P1 green-new.gif Winner of a division III series
  • P1 red-new.gif Winner of a division IV series
  • P1 orange-new.gif Winner of a division V series
  • P1 brown-new.gif Winner of a division VI series
  • P1 dblue-new.gif Winner of a division VII series
  • P1 pink-new.gif Winner of a division VIII series
  • P1 dgreen-new.gif Winner of a division IX series
  • P1 black-new.gif Winner of a division X series
  • P1 lblue-new.gif Winner of a division XI series
  • P1 yellow-new.gif Winner of a division XII series

National Team Trophies

  • P1 purple-new.gif Gold in World Cup (same picture as Top Division winner)
  • P1 blue-new.gif Gold in U-20 World Cup (same picture as Division III league winner)
  • P2 purple.gif Silver in World Cup
  • P2 blue.gif Silver in U-20 World Cup
  • P3 purple.gif Bronze in World Cup
  • P3 blue.gif Bronze in U-20 World Cup

Former Images

  • Trofe-01-old.gif Cup Winner
  • Trofe-02-old.gif National Champion
  • P1 purple-old.gif Winner of a Top Division
  • P1 blue-old.gif Winner of a Division II league
  • P1 green-old.gif Winner of a Division III league
  • P1 red-old.gif Winner of a Division IV league
  • P1 orange-old.gif Winner of a Division V league
  • P1 brown-old.gif Winner of a Division VI league
  • P1 dblue-old.gif Winner of a Division VII league
  • P1 pink-old.gif Winner of a Division VIII league
  • P1 dgreen-old.gif Winner of a Division IX league
  • P1 black-old.gif Winner of a Division X league
  • P1 lblue-old.gif Winner of a Division XI league