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If you win your league, you may be entitled to promotion. Promotion can be seperated into two sections:

Automatic Promotion: if you have more points than half of the other teams in your division come the end of the season. you will be promoted automatically.

Qualification: If you have less points than half of the other teams in the divison come the end of the season, you will have to play a qualifier. These are played against the team in the division above you who are placed either 5th or 6th. If you win the qualifier you are promoted to that division.

Pros of Promotion

- 10% increase in number of supporters

- A likely increase in sponsor money next season as you go through the games

- More crowds

Cons of promotion

- You may be in a difficult league and lose every game (but hey, at least you gave it a go)

It is important to realise that promotion is a good thing, however, there is always a chance of relegation