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Pullasorsa Calcio (1054437)
Pullasorsa Calcio.png
Managed by Paolo Chiariello
Continent Europe
Founded 14-07-2010
StadiumPullasorsa Pit Deluxe (42,110 seats)
Team kits
Home kit
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Pullasorsa Calcio is a hattrick club founded by -Asamoah-. This historical moment happened on July 14, 2010. The club is located in Helsinki, Suomi.

Future stars are coming from Pullasorsa Calcio youth club/academy Pullasorsa Calcio U-19. The U-19 Academy is specialized in young goalkeeper prospects.

Pullasorsa Calcio has taken part several times in the FIFA.com Club Federation Cup . The club won the FIFA.com Club Federation Cup (XII Edition).

Prematch Song

Pullasorsa Calcios entrance music is played by Steve Miller Band. [1]

Current Competitions

  • VI.1000 Finland [2]

Fan Club

The Pullasorsa Calcio fan club is called Roosat Ja Nerot (The Pink-Blacks). Currently there are 2087 members (August 2014).

Satellite Club

Culosaaren Vaffat was established in March of 2014. The team is based in Emilia Romagna, Italy and funded by Pullasorsa Calcio Ltd.

Current squad

As of August 2014.

No. Position Player
2 Finland DF (RB/CB/LB) Ville Pekkonen (A)
3 Turkey DF (RB/CB/LB) Mecnun Ortak
4 Uruguay DF (RB/CB/LB) Diego Andrés Onetti
5 Chile DF (CB) Martin Poisson
6 Netherlands MF (CM) Stephen van Dal
7 Italy MF (CM) Pietro Scimè
8 Greece MF (CM/CAM) Thodoros Mpourantas (C)
9 Ukraine FW (ST) Arkadiy Kovalev
10 Chile MF (CM) Jose Rios
11 Netherlands FW (ST) Faas Basten
No. Position Player
12 Poland MF (RW/RF/LW/LF) Filip Zychski
13 Finland MF (CB/CDM/CM) Jani-Markus Kokkomäki (A)
14 Ghana DF (RB/CB/LB) George Rak
15 France MF (CDM/CM) Valentin Boutin
16 Spain DF (RB/CB/LB) Javier Enrique Gacete
17 Italy MF (RM/RW/LM/LW) Nicola Casati
18 Finland MF (RM/RW/LM/LW) Eetu Kepsu (A)
20 Romania FW (RF/ST/LF) Tiberiu Bărbulescu
23 Finland MF (RM/RW/LM/LW) Lauri Seppänen (A)
30 Ghana GK (GK) Nana Gyan
  • (C) = Captain
  • (A) = Has played in the U-19 Academy

Current Staff

Occupation Name
President -Asamoah-
Coach Paolo Chiariello
Youth Coach Teemu Leiviskä
Scout Juha Tuki
Finance Director Christian Loebenstein
Assistant Manager Toni Pouta
Secretary Sandro Maccarone
Scout Pekka Kivinen
Scout Jukka-Pekka Sääskö
Assistant Coach Joeli Raikunen
Team Doctor Kaapro Raikula
Assistant Coach/Psychologist Pentti Nisula
Fitness Coach Sipi Valasti

Notable former players

  • Portugal Eduardo Carmo - Crucial goalscorer during Pullasorsa Calcios time in the lower divisions.[3]
  • Italy Sandro Maccarone - Legendary Pullasorsa Calcio striker. Sealed a Div.6 championship for the club on season 49, with his goal(s). [4]
  • Finland Toni Rehakka - The last one who played from the "starting bunch" (The players that are given when a new hattrick club has been made). [5]
  • Romania Valeriu Mateescu - The coach who promoted Pullasorsa Calcio from divison 8 to division 6 in 3 seasons. Player agent for the club, nowadays. [6]
  • Finland Keijo Saukkola - Defender, Former Academy Player. [7]
  • Finland Mika Fredman - Striker, Former Academy Player. [8]
  • Finland Aappo Sallanko - Midfielder, Former Academy Player. [9]
  • Finland Taavetti Väyrynen - Midfielder, Former Academy Player. [10]
  • Finland Janne Valovirta - Midfielder, Former Academy Player. [11]
  • Finland Timo Piippo - Goalkeeper, Former Academy Player. [12]
  • Finland Ville Saarela - Goalkeeper, Former Academy Player. [13]
  • Austria Franz Han - Very important part of the team, during the early days of Pullasorsat. [14]
  • Finland Jorma Tommila - Former goalkeeper trainee in the club. [15]
  • Finland Teemu Pohjanoksa - Former senior squad and academy goalkeeper in the club. [16]