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A Qualifier is a match played during week 15 of a season during the regular league match date for that season. The match is played to determine what teams will promote to the next league level in their country, and what teams will be relegated to the lower league level.

Who qualifies?

Teams ending in 5th or 6th place in every league level of a country except the lowest will play a qualifier match. They will play as the home team in this match. Teams from every league level except the top level that are in 1st place (or 2nd place from league levels 7 and below in larger countries) who do not earn enough points in regular season play to auto-promote will play as the away team in these matches. As a result of the home field advantage of the higher level team combined with the superiority of squads in higher league levels, the vast majority of qualifiers are won by the home team, or the team from the higher division.

What are the advantages of playing a qualifier?

A qualifier offers many advantages for the home team, enough that some teams even go as far as to aim for 5th place in their league instead of 4th place. The teams get an additional week of training, along with the additional income brought by a home game. To address these advantages, the Hattrick Team has adjusted the income of the home game so that both sides split the earnings. The attendance is also usually significantly less than regular season home games.

Who plays a qualifier and who auto-promotes?

After the last league game of the season, the server generates a table of all the league leaders (and 2nd place finishers from division VII and below) for a specific league level. The list is ordered first by league points, and second by goal ratio. Tiebreakers are thought to be determined alphabetically, though this has never been confirmed. Then, the top half of the list for that league level auto-promotes, and the bottom half play qualifiers.

External Links

League Table Calculator

  • Shows the exact league to which you will promote/demote, and who you will play in a qualifier (if necessary). Also shows who you will play in round 1 of the cup next season.