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'''RTP United''' is the name of the club managed by [[User:zy1125]].  The team is currently in [[V.77]] in the [[USA | United States]]. 
United play at '''RTP United Arena''', a 57,500-seat facility located in [http://www.raleigh-nc.org Raleigh], [http://www.visitnc.com/ North Carolina].  The club name is derived from the near-by [http://www.rtp.org/ Research Triangle Park], a 8,100 acre public/private, planned research park.  With over 100 technology and research and development facilities, it employs over 38,500 area residents.
==Team Record==
* Season 22 - 1st place VI.875 (12-1-1)
* Season 23 - 4th place V.77 (8-5-1)
* Season 24 - 4th place V.77 (7-7)
* Season 25 - 2nd place V.77 (7-5-2)
* Season 26 - 5th place V.77 (7-5-2)
==Related Websites==
*[http://www.raleigh-nc.org Raleigh]
*[http://www.visitnc.com/ North Carolina]
*[http://www.rtp.org/ Research Triangle Park]
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