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RV&AV Feijenoord (1004456)
Managed by Eddox
Club information
LocationZuid-Holland Nederland
ArenaStadion Feijenoord "De Kuip"
Fan Club12 Het Legioen

RV&AV Feijenoord is a Dutch team managed by Eddox, his club was known as AC Coranimus when it all started. Since then, the club was founded in January 2006, the club had some changes. It was called AC Coranimus first, then Forza ACCO, then FeijenoordRotterdam and is currently named Dinamo Vorwärts and will soon be renamed to RV&AV Feijenoord.

Feijenoord currently acts in VI.32, homematches are played at Stadion Feijenoord "De Kuip" (region Zuid-Holland) and the fanclub is called '12 Het Legioen'.


AC Coranimus

The club was founded on the 11th of January 2006, it was the third club of manager Eddox after he had managed SC Re-Union and FC Como.ros'67. AC Coranimus started in the 12th division of Holland, in the XII.17. Before the first leaguematch a friendly match was scheduled against sdouc. The same day some players where bought and played their first match that evening, the match ended in a 2-2 draw.

Then the leaguematches began with a 6-1 win against FC Angelos, also the seven upcoming leaguematches resulted in victories. Then they lost against AFCA1973, they won against Jari but then they lost again. This time Owning Team was too strong, one week later Angelos was too strong. Coranimus wasn't the leader of the XII.17 anymore. The last match was against champion FC Heer United, it ended up in a 1-1 draw. AC Coranimus was sure of a walk higher up.

They came in the 9th divsion, the IX.1156. Although they were favourite to become champion, again they couldn't win at the right moments. They took the 3rd place in the league, they had too play in that league again.

Forza ACCO

The teamname was changed after a disappointing season, AC Coranimus was now called Forza ACCO. ACCO was ready to become champion, this time it went well. After 14 leaguematches the club was at the first place and got a cup and medal, the coach and manager were very delighted. 12 victories and 2 draws, that season there was no team which could manage to make it ACCO difficult.

They promoted to the 8th division, the VIII.1118. The club continued their solid run but changed their organisation. They normally trained playmakers, now they wanted to train wingers. Some players had to leave, new players were bought. It causes some difficulties in the team, therefore the club ended fifth in the VIII.1118.


It wasn't the best season, the 20th season. But it resulted in a nice place, it brought Feijenoord cupfootball. It was the first cupmatch in the club's history, but they lost with 0-3 against Mozzarella. The league started very well with victories against strong teams like Patras and Hamster United. Feijenoord was at thte top in the VIII.1118 again. With a good run they maintained their leading position, the club became champion in the VIII.1118.

Dinamo Vorwärts

Because of an Austrian investment the club changed from name, again. It promoted to the VII.77, a very difficult season was expected. Manager Eddox had a difficult start and couldn't decide about targets for this season. But Dinamo surprised and won much matches, and the important matches. Then the end came, some difficult opponents. Because of good tactics the club won of GGD and HuisTuin, it brought Dinamo Vorwärts at the lead in the VII. They became champion and were sure of promotion to the sixth division.

The sixth division became a hard one, the club invested in new players like Albrecht Nieuwenhuize. Salim Katib and Arcadie Burca had to leave. They came in the VI.32 as underdog, the first weeks were difficult. The first four matches only brought 4 points, the club decided to appoint a new coach within' some weeks. Chiriac Nistor, who already played at the club, became coach and the club continued their tough run. 4 matches before the end they again came out of the dangerous zone and then changed all within' the club. They called it 'De exodus van de traditie' (The exodus of the tradition). Icons as Villa, Vazelos, Zamojda, Heintze and Valkhof. They all had to leave for new players, former players of Feyenoord.


Season League Cup (KNVB Beker)
17 2nd in XII.17 didn't participate
18 3rd in IX.1156 didn't participate
19 1st in IX.1156 P1 dgreen-new.gif didn't participate
20 5th in VIII.1118 didn't participate
21 1st in VIII.1118 P1 pink-new.gif KO 1st Round
22 1st in VII.77 P1 blue-new.gif KO 1st Round
23 5th in VI.32 KO 1st Round

* Current season



  • Aloisuis Groen. The defender was bought at the 12th of January 2006, one day after the club was found. He never was a important player in the main squad, but he always managed to survive transfers. He was popular at the crowd and also the manager loved the player. After 40 matches he decided to quit and to continue at the club as youthtrainer
  • Etienne Metman. He was coach between the sixteenth of January of 2006 and the sixteenth of January of 2007, he was coach for exactly one year. Then the club decided to offer him another job at the club, now he's Sales manager at the club.
  • Renze Kal. A friendly winger who's now acting as scout at the club and is talking about soccer in some TV-programs. At 3 March 2006 he was bought from FC Bakke, some a month later he played with the club against his previous club. He was very worthful for the club with very important goals, he played 58 times in the club's shirt.
  • Thieu Hijne. He was a goalkeeper who never reached the first squad, but he was always satisfied with his role. He was proud to play at Dinamo Vorwärts and was always interested in footballs, flags and the goal. It isn't a surprise that he's the material man at the club after he quit.


Dreamteam Dinamo

Best players of all time (49*)
Mitchel van Vossen 3,5
Marlo Lardi 3,5 Edward Hagen 4,0 Ger Heintze 4,5 Arcadie Burcã 3,5
Julio Ernesto Alvarez 5,5 Nikolaos Vazelos 5,5 Freek van der Bent 6,0 Arjo Valkhof 4,5
Andrzej Zamojda 4,5 Juan Carlos Villa 4,0

All-time Topscorer

# Player Goals Matches Average
1 *Juan Carlos Villa Goldenboot X.gif 56 79 0,71
2 *Arjo Valkhof 20 59 0,34
3 Renze Kal 18 60 0,3
4 Ole Mortensen 16 20 0,8
5 *Andrzej Zamojda 16 26 0,62
6 Luki Gupta 15 21 0,71
7 Emile Thil 15 25 0,6
8 *Edward Hagen 15 78 0,19
9 *Nikolaos Vazelos 13 100 0,13
10 *Aart-Jan Gravenstein 13 102 0,13

* Still at the club



Season Wins Losses Draws Goals scored Goals against Goal Difference
17* 9 3 1 53 13 +40
18 11 2 1 43 14 +29
19 12 0 2 43 7 +36
20 5 7 2 24 21 +3
21 12 1 1 56 13 +43
22 9 2 3 37 20 +17
23** 2 2 1 11 11 0
Total 60 17 11 265 99 +168

* Started in week 2
**Current season


Season Wins Losses Draws Goals scored Goals against Goal Difference
17* 2 9 4 24 36 -12
18 7 9 0 23 43 -20
19 8 7 1 29 35 -6
20 3 11 2 25 41 -16
21 3 8 4 25 41 -16
22 5 10 0 31 51 -20
23** 2 2 1 16 12 +4
Total 32 54 11 172 251 -79

* Started in week 2
**Current season


Season Wins Losses Draws Goals scored Goals against Goal Difference
17 0 0 0 0 0 0
18 0 0 0 0 0 0
19 0 0 0 0 0 0
20 0 0 0 0 0 0
21 0 1 0 0 3 -3
22 0 1 0 2 3 -1
23* 0 1 0 2 3 -1
Total 0 2 0 2 6 -5

* Current season


Results in the dR.cup.

Edition Result Wins Draws Losses
1st edition Quarter-final 4 0 1
Total 4 0 1


Braalse Weg
The stadium of Dinamo

Braalse Weg is Dinamo's home from the beginning, some expansions later it is now a quite big arena with Latin styled walls at the front, back and both sides. It has a capacity of 42.000.

Terraces: 30650
Basic seating: 7300
Seats under roof: 3850
Seats in VIP boxes: 200
Total capacity: 42000


From the beginning Dinamo Vorwärts has some traditions, some typical things which characterize the club. Midfielders have always been important within' the squad, also wingers are favourite at the club. Also Dinamo is famous for their fans, they always take a crowd with them. It doesn't care if they play in Fryslân or in Prathet Thai.

This team has participated in the dR.cup