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Random Support! is a whimsical federation (AllianceID: 41190) founded April 22, 2006 by USA user joshito.


With the advent of extra supporter slots, this fed will select an unknown person every few days or week and everyone will join in to support some random team.

Support History

The random support history is a bit sketchy before September 2006.


Date Team (TeamID) Country
September 7 phobos fc (78192) Template:Flag/EGYn
September 13 Schueli-kickers (629296) Template:Flag/SUIn
September 17 Fab4 Kickers (811482) Template:Flag/NEDn
September 25 Les Supérieurs (763989) Template:Flag/NEDn
October 2 Action-Team (650639) Template:Flag/GERn
October 7 Fc Keto (258764) Template:Flag/FINn
October 16 Markan FC (156123) Template:Flag/CROn
October 24 FC HillStreet United (73908) Template:Flag/FINn
November 2 FC Dick Turpin Squadra Italiana (44708) Template:Flag/SWEn
November 6 Soulmate (760216) Template:Flag/SWEn
November 17 selvmål fk (65785) Template:Flag/NORn
November 26 Viva Freja (402969) Template:Flag/DENn
December 2 XQUE Team (778411) Template:Flag/ESPn
December 9 1. FC Stadtwache (244894) Template:Flag/SUIn
December 16 Ballord F. C. (92465) Template:Flag/BRAn
December 30 Atlin AFC (107545) Template:Flag/CANn


Date Team (TeamID) Country
January 7 Die Kaputtnigs (301297) Template:Flag/AUTn
January 14 Tardelli 04 (134846) Template:Flag/SUIn
January 24 FC pottenstampers (81220) Template:Flag/BELn
February 5 fk andromeda (535698) Template:Flag/BIHn
February 8 Rävåsens IK (9447) Template:Flag/SWEn
February 13 Unbelieveable Unbeatable! (1183864) Template:Flag/DENn
February 18 GERMANIACRIS (697533) Template:Flag/ROUn
February 24 Therapy? (755932) Template:Flag/SWEn
March 3 FK Buritos (617133) Template:Flag/SERn
March 13 Sera (95542) Template:Flag/ESTn
March 25 VFB Friedberg 05 (1194095) Template:Flag/GERn
April 2 C.F. Pamplona (1332528) Template:Flag/ESPn
April 9 MeineJungs (338946) Template:Flag/GERn
April 19 Bloms Bombere (931047) Template:Flag/DENn
April 24 Pumas ASDI (204116) Template:Flag/MEXn
April 30 Arnstadt 49ers (823066) Template:Flag/GERn

Target generation

Old way

As of the latest expansion (adding Uman and Al Yaman, and expanding España, France, Rossiya, Cyprus, FYR Macedonia, and Crna Gora), there are 1440464 teams in Hattrick. So a list of potential team ID's can be generated by looking for numbers between 1 and 1440464 at random.org. The first team found with supporter (so we can sign their guestbook and let them know they're being randomly supported!) is chosen.

New way

There's a handy little link at http://websec.science.uva.nl/~lhoek/random.php that does this nice and simply.

Special selections

There have been occasional non-random selections on special occasions. The most recent was the support of hlupak's Atlin AFC, winner of Gumby's Botcup II. The federation had offered the support of its members as part of the prize.