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'''Ranger''' - a manager from Poland, owner of Illmatic & Stillmatic Team (formerly known as: Dragons Żary, Rangers from da Hood and Rodzina Radia Ma-Ryja).
In RL his name is Maciek Godlewski and he lives in Żary, a city in western Poland, 40 - 50 kilometers from Polish-German border.
==Ranger @ Hattrick==
He started his adventure with [[Hattrick]] on November 16, 2004 when someone from the Polish Hattrick staff accepted his application to the game.
====First year in the game====
====Rules have been readed====
====Promotion to the sixth league!====
===='Gangsta' quality====
Before his supporter ends (March 20, 2006), he was a member of:
* [[Lubuska Federacja Hattrick'a]]
* [[Hattrick Wiki Federation]]
* [[Hip Hop Fed]]
* [[Hattrikowy Fanklub Radia Maryja]]
* [[Flag Chasers Community]]
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