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Spec6Regainer.png Resilient
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A Resilient is a player that regains his health faster than others. It was formerly known as Regainer.

Players with the Resilient specialty will find their injuries heal slightly faster than for other players and might overcome a light injury during a match. In addiction, their skills will drop slower with age.


Regainer was the first new Rare Specialty to appear in Hattrick. This new line of text appeared in the rules when the first regainers were pulled. It indicates that more 'rare' specialties are to be expected.

This is an extract from the Hattrick rules, Chapter 14
Some rare specialties also exist. Their effects are more or less unknown and up to you to find out.

For several months after introduction the effects of the Regainer specialty was not known by the managers. There was a lot of discussion, for example, in the Global(English) conference. (7022859.1 Part I, 7064263.1 Part II, 7272003.1 Part III, 7963000.1 Part IV) The LA's stated that there were no new special events added for the match reports.

As by HT-Tjecken's statement in conference post 7963000.878, it is now confirmed that Regainers are players that regain their health more quickly than others.

HTs on Regainer

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How is the weather now?

Hot as hell. I think we call this one busted. :)

Regainers are indeed players who regain health somewhat faster than others.